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COVID-19 Tuition Assistance

TCU offers an excellent academic experience with faculty who are leaders in their fields. However, COVID-19 has upended almost every aspect of our lives. These difficult times and unusual circumstances have led many families to seek tuition relief.

For this reason, TCU’s Board of Trustees approved an additional $50 million in tuition assistance for students whose classes have been newly designated as online only courses by the university as a result of COVID-19, and up to $15 million in additional need-based tuition assistance for families who have experienced layoffs, salary changes, business losses, medical expenses and other losses of income related to COVID-19.

Tuition Assistance Overview

  Based upon online course designation by the university Based upon financial need
Funding level $50 million $15 million (in addition to $208 million already committed by the university for 20/21)
Who qualifies? Most students whose classes have been newly designated as online courses Families of undergraduate students who have experienced a change of income or financial loss related to COVID-19; file FAFSA
Award amount 10% tuition assistance award for courses the university has newly designated as online only as a result of COVID-19 Varies, according to available funding and need
How to apply No action required. The award will automatically post to eligible students’ accounts prior to the next billing statement. For consideration, file the FAFSA and submit a “Special Circumstances” application to the financial aid office
Considered financial aid? No Yes

Award Calculations

Full-time Undergraduate Students
12 OR MORE hours of online-only classes
$51,570 (annual flat-rate tuition)
$25,785 (fall semester tuition charge)
$2,579 (10% tuition assistance award)
Full-time Undergraduate Students
LESS THAN 12 hours of online-only classes
$51,570 (annual flat-rate tuition)
$25,785 (fall semester tuition charge)
$1,719 (per-hour at 15-hour average cost)
$172 (10% per-hour online tuition assistance award)

For example, a 3-hour course will qualify for a tuition assistance award of $516.
Part-time Undergraduate Students
10% of actual per-hour tuition for online only classes
Graduate Students
10% of actual online tuition charged

Tuition Assistance FAQs

Classes designated as online by the university.

  • Those previously delivered in an online format prior to COVID-19 are not eligible for a tuition assistance award.
  • Classes designated as in-person do not qualify even if the professor uses Zoom with a proctor present.
  • Classes designated as in-person, but changed to online-only by the University, will also be eligible for the tuition assistance award.

Students can review their class schedule under the “Student Center” tab in Each faculty member has designated his or her class as being either “In-Person” or “Online.”

Most, but not all.

  • Students who already receive full-tuition from other scholarships and grants will not receive the 10 percent online tuition assistance.
  • Students who elect to take “In-Person” courses online are not eligible. Only students in courses designated as online-only by the university are eligible for the tuition assistance award.
  • Existing programs that were already online are not eligible. This includes MLA, DNP, Criminal Justice, etc.

There are federal and state rules concerning how much funding students may receive in addition to those grants, but in most cases the only potential impact will be a possible change in loan eligibility. For many students, this allows for a reduction in the amount of loan they would otherwise have needed.

Contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid at for further assistance.

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