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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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University announces revised academic calendar for fall, introduces TCU Connected Campus initiative

Texas Christian University Chancellor Victor J. Boschini, Jr. announced changes today to the university’s fall 2020 semester calendar to help protect the health and safety of the campus community. The semester will begin Aug. 17, a week earlier than originally planned, and end the on-campus portion of the semester Nov. 24. The final deadline for grade submissions, graduate student defenses and other project work will be Dec. 10.

“As an organization that employs and cares for so many, we must plan responsibly, deliberate with transparency, and make the best decisions for our future,” Chancellor Boschini said. “Our goal in altering the fall 2020 calendar is to reduce non-essential travel over the holidays and minimize time on campus during peak flu and cold season. This also allows students to return home before Thanksgiving and enjoy an extended winter break with their families.”

The change is one of several proactive actions TCU is making to respond to the global pandemic while preparing to welcome students back to campus Aug. 17. Further information regarding health and safety measures for students, faculty and staff will be announced later in June, which includes plans for physical distancing, use of larger classrooms and outdoor spaces, enhanced cleaning protocols and residence hall capacity.

“In the final analysis each member of the TCU community is first and foremost personally responsible for their health and well-being,” Chancellor Boschini said. “As such they should always use good judgment in any and every activity they undertake. This is a personal responsibility which is assumed of everyone in this community.”

The university welcomed Phase 1 employees back to campus May 26, as part of the Return to Campus plan. In it, the university outlines initial personal health and safety expectations for employees with an emphasis on personal responsibility and using good judgement, as well as enhanced cleaning protocols and physical distancing for workplace scenarios.

“We are creating a new way forward, and absolutely cannot wait to have our students on campus in August,” Chancellor Boschini said.  “As I have said before, they are the heartbeat of TCU, and we are ready to welcome them to their home away from home.” 

TCU Connected Campus

The university introduced today the “TCU Connected Campus” – an initiative to address safety and prepare for and reimagine what the approaching school year may look like for the Horned Frog family as the global pandemic evolves.

The microsite outlines the university’s commitment to the student experience and is based on four key pillars: Academic Excellence, with added agility; Student Support, to meet the physical, spiritual and mental health needs of our students; Student Experience, helping students forge connective bonds that nurture them on and off campus; and Campus Readiness, which will guide TCU through a safe return and on-campus instruction.

The key to the Connected Campus is the personalized attention for which TCU is known. This takes place in the classroom led by high-quality expert faculty and in the myriad programs and activities led by Student Affairs. TCU is committed to supporting its students, both virtually and on campus.

Further, the initiative ensures that TCU will deliver the same high-quality instruction both in person and online. Learn more about TCU Connected Campus.

TCU has shared Phase I initial guidance for employees returning to campus beginning May 26. The initial information has been prepared under the careful guidance of the Chancellor’s Fall 2020 Campus Readiness Task Force. Communication regarding employee return expectations and timing will come through supervisors.

TCU will continue to adhere to public health authorities and guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control as the plan progresses. Additional information for employees may be found here.

A limited number of leaders and department heads will return in Phase 1 to prepare the campus for succeeding phases and ultimately the return of students in August. All members of the TCU community should wear face coverings when in public (each employee will receive one machine washable cloth face covering).

Gatherings will be limited to avoid community spread. Employees are encouraged to continue using Zoom for meetings with colleagues and others. If in-person meetings are required, physical distancing guidelines should be followed.

Daily health assessments should be conducted to ensure the health and safety of your family and the TCU campus. Employees should not report to work when they are sick.

More details of the plan will be released prior to the start of Phase II on June 8. Each employee contributes significantly to the TCU culture and experience, and the university is grateful for their passion and dedication to the mission.

TCU planning for students to return to campus for in-person classes this fall

Texas Christian University Chancellor Victor J. Boschini, Jr. announced to students, parents, faculty and staff today that the university intends for students to safely return to campus for the fall 2020 semester, with a planned start date of Aug. 24.

Chancellor Boschini stated that TCU will continue to abide by government and public health guidance and that under his direction, the Fall 2020 Campus Readiness Task Force will oversee the safe return of residential life and on-campus instruction.

“The health and safety of our students, faculty and staff is our responsibility and our highest priority,” Chancellor Boschini said. “As an institution of higher learning, we also must preserve our academic environment, the intellectual advancement of our students, and safely provide all that the TCU experience promises.”

The Chancellor’s task force is organizing and directing formal processes and policies for reopening campus across key areas, including academic affairs, student affairs, campus life, campus operations, health and safety, workplace, athletics and finance. Based on the guidance of the task force and public health authorities, TCU will phase faculty and staff back to campus, while continuing online classes for the summer.

Further, Chancellor Boschini said that rigorous academic planning is being led by Provost Teresa Abi-Nader Dahlberg to position TCU for flexibility while honoring the personal needs of our students and strengthening TCU’s connected campus culture.

“COVID-19 has caused significant disruption to all of our lives, and temporarily required us to change some of the ways we interact,” Boschini said. “This pandemic has reinforced our strong belief that preparation is key, and the TCU experience must be preserved, regardless of how it’s delivered.”

The university has also expressed its dedication to working with students and families who require additional financial support due to financial uncertainties caused by COVID-19. TCU is allocating additional institutionally funded aid to immediately assist with summer school costs and plans are being developed to provide additional financial assistance for the fall semester, with more information coming in the weeks ahead.

Chancellor Boschini also released a video “postcard from the TCU campus” to the campus community.

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