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Latest Campus-Wide Statements on COVID-19

University announces revised academic calendar for fall, introduces TCU Connected Campus initiative

Texas Christian University Chancellor Victor J. Boschini, Jr. announced changes today to the university’s fall 2020 semester calendar to help protect the health and safety of the campus community. The semester will begin Aug. 17, a week earlier than originally planned, and end the on-campus portion of the semester Nov. 24. The final deadline for grade submissions, graduate student defenses and other project work will be Dec. 10.

“As an organization that employs and cares for so many, we must plan responsibly, deliberate with transparency, and make the best decisions for our future,” Chancellor Boschini said. “Our goal in altering the fall 2020 calendar is to reduce non-essential travel over the holidays and minimize time on campus during peak flu and cold season. This also allows students to return home before Thanksgiving and enjoy an extended winter break with their families.”

The change is one of several proactive actions TCU is making to respond to the global pandemic while preparing to welcome students back to campus Aug. 17. Further information regarding health and safety measures for students, faculty and staff will be announced later in June, which includes plans for physical distancing, use of larger classrooms and outdoor spaces, enhanced cleaning protocols and residence hall capacity.

“In the final analysis each member of the TCU community is first and foremost personally responsible for their health and well-being,” Chancellor Boschini said. “As such they should always use good judgment in any and every activity they undertake. This is a personal responsibility which is assumed of everyone in this community.”

The university welcomed Phase 1 employees back to campus May 26, as part of the Return to Campus plan. In it, the university outlines initial personal health and safety expectations for employees with an emphasis on personal responsibility and using good judgement, as well as enhanced cleaning protocols and physical distancing for workplace scenarios.

“We are creating a new way forward, and absolutely cannot wait to have our students on campus in August,” Chancellor Boschini said.  “As I have said before, they are the heartbeat of TCU, and we are ready to welcome them to their home away from home.” 

TCU Connected Campus

The university introduced today the “TCU Connected Campus” – an initiative to address safety and prepare for and reimagine what the approaching school year may look like for the Horned Frog family as the global pandemic evolves.

The microsite outlines the university’s commitment to the student experience and is based on four key pillars: Academic Excellence, with added agility; Student Support, to meet the physical, spiritual and mental health needs of our students; Student Experience, helping students forge connective bonds that nurture them on and off campus; and Campus Readiness, which will guide TCU through a safe return and on-campus instruction.

The key to the Connected Campus is the personalized attention for which TCU is known. This takes place in the classroom led by high-quality expert faculty and in the myriad programs and activities led by Student Affairs. TCU is committed to supporting its students, both virtually and on campus.

Further, the initiative ensures that TCU will deliver the same high-quality instruction both in person and online. Learn more about TCU Connected Campus.

TCU has shared Phase I initial guidance for employees returning to campus beginning May 26. The initial information has been prepared under the careful guidance of the Chancellor’s Fall 2020 Campus Readiness Task Force. Communication regarding employee return expectations and timing will come through supervisors.

TCU will continue to adhere to public health authorities and guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control as the plan progresses. Additional information for employees may be found here.

A limited number of leaders and department heads will return in Phase 1 to prepare the campus for succeeding phases and ultimately the return of students in August. All members of the TCU community should wear face coverings when in public (each employee will receive one machine washable cloth face covering).

Gatherings will be limited to avoid community spread. Employees are encouraged to continue using Zoom for meetings with colleagues and others. If in-person meetings are required, physical distancing guidelines should be followed.

Daily health assessments should be conducted to ensure the health and safety of your family and the TCU campus. Employees should not report to work when they are sick.

More details of the plan will be released prior to the start of Phase II on June 8. Each employee contributes significantly to the TCU culture and experience, and the university is grateful for their passion and dedication to the mission.

TCU planning for students to return to campus for in-person classes this fall

Texas Christian University Chancellor Victor J. Boschini, Jr. announced to students, parents, faculty and staff today that the university intends for students to safely return to campus for the fall 2020 semester, with a planned start date of Aug. 24.

Chancellor Boschini stated that TCU will continue to abide by government and public health guidance and that under his direction, the Fall 2020 Campus Readiness Task Force will oversee the safe return of residential life and on-campus instruction.

“The health and safety of our students, faculty and staff is our responsibility and our highest priority,” Chancellor Boschini said. “As an institution of higher learning, we also must preserve our academic environment, the intellectual advancement of our students, and safely provide all that the TCU experience promises.”

The Chancellor’s task force is organizing and directing formal processes and policies for reopening campus across key areas, including academic affairs, student affairs, campus life, campus operations, health and safety, workplace, athletics and finance. Based on the guidance of the task force and public health authorities, TCU will phase faculty and staff back to campus, while continuing online classes for the summer.

Further, Chancellor Boschini said that rigorous academic planning is being led by Provost Teresa Abi-Nader Dahlberg to position TCU for flexibility while honoring the personal needs of our students and strengthening TCU’s connected campus culture.

“COVID-19 has caused significant disruption to all of our lives, and temporarily required us to change some of the ways we interact,” Boschini said. “This pandemic has reinforced our strong belief that preparation is key, and the TCU experience must be preserved, regardless of how it’s delivered.”

The university has also expressed its dedication to working with students and families who require additional financial support due to financial uncertainties caused by COVID-19. TCU is allocating additional institutionally funded aid to immediately assist with summer school costs and plans are being developed to provide additional financial assistance for the fall semester, with more information coming in the weeks ahead.

Chancellor Boschini also released a video “postcard from the TCU campus” to the campus community.

Second construction contractor at TCU Music Center tests positive for COVID-19 

A second construction worker at the TCU Music Center has tested positive for COVID-19. The individual was in a work team and had direct contact with the individual who tested positive for COVID-19 on April 17. The building is new construction and is not open to faculty, staff or students.

This individual was last at the work site April 16. The area was cleared of personnel and sanitized at that time and construction at the building is paused until May 1 (14 days from the time the individuals were last at the work site).

The general risk to the TCU community from this case is considered low, given that the construction site is a new building and closed to anyone other than construction personnel.

This is the second positive COVID-19 case reported on the TCU campus at this time. The previous two positive cases with direct on-campus contact have recovered.

COVID-19 updates for the TCU campus will continue to be posted in the Staying Informed section of this website, For more information about COVID-19 in Tarrant County, visit Tarrant County Public Health.

With COVID-19 community transmission continuing in the United States and globally, TCU has now suspended all University-sponsored domestic and international travel until August 1, 2020 or until further notice.  Exceptions to this travel suspension must be approved by the appropriate Vice Chancellor via email. In the event that international travel is approved by a Vice Chancellor, it must be registered using the TCU Faculty & Staff Authorizations & Registration system. The University requests that non-essential personal travel to domestic and international regions with community transmission be reconsidered.

Construction contractor at TCU Music Center tests positive for COVID-19 

A construction worker at the TCU Music Center has tested positive for COVID-19. The building is new construction and is not open to any faculty, staff or students.

The construction worker was last at the work site April 16. The area has been cleared of personnel and sanitized. Out of an abundance of caution, construction will be paused for 14 days. There are no other reported COVID-19 cases within the contractor’s site work team.

The general risk to the TCU community from this case is considered low, given that the construction site is a new building and closed to anyone other than construction personnel.

This is the only positive COVID-19 case reported on the TCU campus at this time. The previous two positive cases with direct on-campus contact have recovered.

COVID-19 updates for the TCU campus will continue to be posted in the Staying Informed section of this website, For more information about COVID-19 in Tarrant County, visit Tarrant County Public Health.

Dear Horned Frogs:

The end of the spring semester is in sight, and I want to thank all of you for your patience and dedication to your academic goals. Together, we are keeping our campus community safe and quickly adapting to the challenges of a virtual educational environment.  

We’re now transitioning to the summer term, and are faced with the same uncertainties as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to threaten the health and well-being of our communities.  Consequently, the University has decided to continue in an online learning environment for almost all courses offered from May through August of 2020.

I’m happy to say that this will be a new and improved remote learning environment.  I know that for some, the transition has not always been smooth, given the quick pivot required. We did our best to get through this transition, and I’m proud of all of you. We have now had time to apply our learnings in preparation for a robust summer term.

Please note that registration appointments for summer and fall will begin on April 20, 2020. Additional information will be coming as we get closer to the beginning of the term, but I want to share some key points with you in order to assist with your planning as soon as possible.

This summer, you will encounter two types of online course offerings.  The difference is primarily in how class participation is structured:

  1. FULLY ONLINE: Some existing courses are still available in a fully-online format. We describe these courses as being “asynchronous,” meaning students work independently of each other. You can identify those by their section numbers of 400 to 499.
  2. HYBRID ONLINE: All other courses will be “Hybrid Online Courses,” TCU’s new educational format for summer.  In this type of course, students will:
    • attend required synchronous sessions, meaning you will have scheduled meetings as a class.
    • engage with other students in content-focused learning activities.
    • submit work or create a learning artifact at least every seven days during the course session.
    • have faculty who have been trained and certified to teach in the Hybrid Online format.

Although we don’t have every detail to share with you yet, we are in the process of reviewing and confirming current course offerings, and also exploring the possibility of adding courses to help keep you on-track with your degree plan.  Consequently, we encourage you to continue monitoring your anticipated schedule using TCU’s “Class Search” tool at and to reach out to your advisors closer to April 20th.

We can’t wait to gather again on-campus as a TCU community! Until that is possible, you can expect an online learning environment that is engaging, challenging, and reflects the high academic standards of a Texas Christian University education. Our faculty and staff are making every effort to keep you safe, and on path to graduation.

Chancellor Boschini and I have heard from many of you over the past few weeks, and I want to personally thank you for your wit, your resilience and for your grace as we navigate these unusual times in the life of our University.

Teresa Abi-Nader Dahlberg

TCU student living in campus apartment tests positive for COVID-19

TCU learned late in the day on April 1 that a student living in a TCU apartment has tested positive for COVID-19. The student has been in self-quarantine while awaiting test results for COVID-19, which were submitted March 19. The student is doing well, has been symptom-free for seven days and is beyond the 14-day, self-quarantine period.

TCU will notify social and residential groups with whom this student has interacted in the last two to three weeks, to the extent possible. Although notification of the case has occurred outside of the 14 days of required quarantine, out of an abundance of caution and in keeping with TCU policy, the student’s apartment and common areas will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized under public health guidance.

COVID-19 – Positive case notifications

Per public health guidance, TCU will announce only positive, confirmed COVID-19 test results.

On April 1, TCU sent a mass notification to all students, faculty and staff of the first COVID-19 case reported on the TCU campus. Moving forward, additional confirmed cases will be posted on this microsite ( under the tab, “Staying Informed.” Additionally, information will be shared with social and residential groups who have interacted with the COVID-19 positive individual(s) over the prior two to three weeks, to the extent possible.

Stay home, and work and learn safe

Please take every precaution to stay healthy and stop the spread of coronavirus. Remember to wash your hands frequently, cover your mouth if you cough or sneeze and practice social distancing when you must go out. If you experience flu-like symptoms and have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19, call your health care provider.

More information about COVID-19 in Tarrant County may be found at Tarrant County Public Health.

TCU announces standardized tests are now optional for Fall 2021 applicants

Texas Christian University has announced that it is suspending the requirement of standardized tests for students who are currently high school juniors. For students expected to enter college in Fall 2021, the suspension of SAT and ACT testing due to COVID-19 has created additional complications, and the university is making accommodations to address these challenges.

“We understand the uncertainties high school juniors are currently facing,” Heath Einstein, TCU’s dean of admission, said. “Campus visits are now virtual, the ACT and SAT testing dates are shifting and it has heightened the already high stress these students are facing. TCU wants to do what we can to reduce some of the anxiety, so that students may focus on their safety and successfully shift to a new educational modality.”

With the policy shift, prospective students may decide for themselves whether they wish to include standardized test scores with their application. Students should consider their academic record in addition to their co-curricular experiences when making their decision on whether to include test scores. Other factors considered in the admission process are curriculum rigor, essays, and contributions to school and community. 

“TCU has never relied solely on one factor in admission decisions, and that will be reinforced while we are suspending the testing requirement,” Einstein said. “We have always believed that while standardized tests provide some useful information, there is more to a student’s record that indicates how they would contribute in and out of the classroom at TCU. The qualities that matter most to us – personal character and the ability to meaningfully engage with the community – can’t be found by looking at a test score.”

TCU will continue its policy to allow applicants to self-report test scores through the online admission portal. For any of these students who enroll, the university requires official results from the test agency.

For more information:

Construction contractor at Amon G. Carter Stadium tests positive for COVID-19 

Texas Christian University has learned that a Turner Construction employee working at Amon G. Carter Stadium has tested positive for COVID-19. The individual is currently doing well, receiving care and recovering at home.

The contractor was last at the work site March 24 and worked primarily outside. The area was cleared of personnel and sanitized per public health guidance. The construction work group was following social distancing protocols and the two team members that were in closest contact with the COVID-19 positive individual are currently in a 14-day quarantine and self-monitoring period. Neither are currently showing symptoms.

“Our thoughts are with the contractor and their family, and all those affected by COVID-19,” Jane Torgerson, M.D., medical director for Brown-Lupton Health Center, said in an email to campus. “The general risk to the TCU community from this case is considered low, given the limited exposure the individual had on campus and the work team’s adherence to CDC guidelines.”

This is the first report of a positive COVID-19 case on the TCU campus. COVID-19 updates for the TCU campus will continue to be posted on this site.

For more information about COVID-19 in Tarrant County, visit Tarrant County Public Health.

Chancellor Boschini announces new Spring Commencement date

A message from the Chancellor

Watch as Chancellor Victor Jr. Boschini, Jr. shares a message of support with the TCU community.

"Together, we're going to get through this... because that's what Horned Frogs do."

Online classes will continue through the remainder of the semester.

TCU Chancellor Victor Boschini, Jr. announced to students, faculty and staff today that online classes and virtual instruction will continue for the remainder of the semester.

“The uncertainty of the spread and duration of COVID-19 in our area means that we must chart a responsible path forward for you, your parents, our faculty and staff, and our full community,” Chancellor Boschini said in an email to students March 19. “You’ll soon start receiving activities and news from Student Affairs to keep you connected during our time apart. It would be difficult to replicate the singular experience that the TCU campus offers, but we are going to do everything we can to maintain our purple connections. We will be together in spirit, if not in person.”

Online classes and virtual instruction will begin Monday, March 23. Connect with Virtual Support Services for Students or read the Chancellor’s email to TCU students.

TCU is currently experiencing difficulties with our main phone line. For assistance, please call 817-257-7808.

In response to the University's decision to extend spring break and move to online coursework through April 3rd, 2020, the University Unions has made some adjustments to our operations and access.

The Unions will only be available to TCU faculty, staff, and students through card swipe access. The Brown-Lupton University Union will only be accessible via the north and south archway entry and the King Family Commons will only be available at the Information Desk entry.

TCU will give the campus community one-week advance notification if online instruction is extended past April 3.

TCU is extending Spring Break through the week of March 16 – 20 and will move from in-person instruction to online classes beginning March 23 – April 3.

Texas Christian University is extending Spring Break through the week of March 16 – 20 and will move from in-person instruction to online classes beginning March 23 – April 3. While there are no cases of COVID-19 on the TCU campus, the move is being made due to the rapid spread and unpredictability of the disease. Faculty will use the week of March 16 in order to prepare for a full online format.

“TCU’s highest priority is the health and well-being of our community and these measures are being put in place to secure that as best we can,” Chancellor Victor Boschini, Jr. said. “We have a responsibility to each other, our campus and the greater community to help ensure good health, decrease the potential impacts of COVID-19, and to prevent its exposure to vulnerable populations.”

Students who have been away from campus for Spring Break are asked to hold on returning to campus until they receive further instruction.

All large meetings, conferences and on-campus events are canceled through April 3. TCU business operations will remain open the week of March 16, as well as March 23 - April 3. TCU community members are asked to check their campus email and for the latest campus updates and information.

International travel suspended

With increased community transmission being reported in the United States and globally, TCU has suspended all University-related international travel and University-related non-essential domestic travel through the end of the month or until further notice.

The University requests that non-essential personal travel to regions with community transmission be reconsidered.

Wash your hands, stay home if you are sick

TCU community members are reminded to safeguard their health and the health of others by washing hands regularly, covering their mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing and staying home when sick.

TCU is working continuously with local, regional and federal health authorities to monitor the coronavirus situation and we are adhering to their guidelines. Currently, students and faculty are on Spring Break and university staff is operating regular business hours. There are no reported cases at TCU. Please continue to visit this website for TCU-related updates and information regarding updated procedures. At this time, there is no change to our status and we continue to monitor the situation closely.

There are currently no reported cases of coronavirus at TCU. We are working with local, regional and federal health authorities to monitor the situation. TCU will continue to update this web page as information becomes available.

TCU continues to work with local, regional and federal health authorities to monitor the coronavirus situation. There are no reported cases at TCU.

TCPH Coronavirus Hotline
Tarrant County Public Health has provided a non-urgent Tarrant County Public Health Coronavirus Hotline (817-248-6299) for coronavirus-related questions as an extra resource for county residents.

Spring Break Travel
Students, faculty and staff are asked to monitor CDC travel advisories during Spring Break travel. (Please note that information and risk assessment guidance changes frequently; countries that may not pose a risk today may become a country of concern within days.) TCU will adhere to the guidance of Tarrant County Public Health and require self-observation for 14 days for anyone who has traveled to a country considered Level 3 Widespread Sustained Transmission by the CDC, prior to returning to campus.

TCU will continue to update this web page as additional information becomes available. Please see drop-down menu below for updated FAQs.

TCU is continuing to closely monitor the coronavirus situation. TCU has no reported cases of coronavirus on campus. Please continue to visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the most up-to-date information about coronavirus and this webpage for the latest TCU-related information. View the drop-down menu below for updated TCU coronavirus FAQs.

TCU and our Emergency Management Team continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 issue, in conjunction with local, state and federal health authorities. There are no reported cases of coronavirus on campus. Any updates related to TCU and coronavirus will be shared on this website.

Page Last Updated: May 29, 2020