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COVID-19 Information

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you. I sincerely appreciate the tremendous effort that you are putting forth to continue instruction for our students during this unprecedented time. Your creativity in finding new ways to connect to students from a distance is inspiring. Most importantly, I am heartened to hear stories of compassion being exhibited as you consider situations and needs of individual students.

As you get started, I offer two requests:

  1. When holding interactive classes, please adhere to the regularly scheduled class times to avoid overlaps in students’ schedules. Our students are stressed, and while we hope for a smooth transition, keeping as much normalcy as possible will be helpful.

  2. If and when you are able, please have a few lectures posted ahead of time so that students can continue their learning even if technology fails, illness prevents attendance, or other unforeseen events occur.

All of Texas Christian University is rooting for you. We are all here in service to the student academic experience, and we know that this is a heavy lift right
now. Continuing scholarly pursuits, aligned with our Teacher-Scholar model, remains important. Once we achieve instructional continuity while working remotely, we will turn our attention to the full TCU mission and can assess the need for flexibility in the coming months.

For those concerned about tenure, please refer to this passage on page 52 of the TCU Faculty-Staff Handbook. “In the case of an extraordinary experience or event beyond the individual’s control that affects a non-tenured faculty member’s performance, which may or may not include a leave covered by the Family Medical Leave Act, the faculty member may request an extension of the probationary period.” The Faculty Senate and the University Advisory Council have agreed to consider and recommend guidance related to promotion and tenure expectations and timeline later this spring. I would say this qualifies as an “extraordinary experience”.

We are here to support. The Koehler Center, the IT Support group, college Instructional Continuity Facilitators, and many more are here to help. Please reach out if you experience bumps next week.

We will reschedule the remaining Provost Roundtables as Zoom meetings. I continue to be available via Zoom meetings. In fact, TCU had 750 Zoom meetings on campus yesterday an amazing fact in our new reality.

Good luck next week and know that we are cheering you on behind the scenes. me know how you are doing.

All my best,

Teresa Abi-Nader Dahlberg
Texas Christian University
Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
TCU Box 297040
, Fort Worth, TX 76129

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