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Common Instructor Questions about Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor

Q: What is the Difference between Respondus LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor?

A: LockDown Browser is a custom browser that secures the testing environment for the Quizzes tool in TCU Online.

Students are unable to copy, print, access other applications, or visit other websites during an online exam.

Respondus Monitor is a companion application for LockDown Browser that uses a student’s webcam to record the student during a TCU Online quiz attempt. Respondus Monitor flags suspicious behavior for instructors to review. In order to enable Respondus Monitor, the quiz will be required to use Respondus LockDown Browser.

To help students get familiar with whichever option you select, instructors should always create a simple one- question practice quiz with Respondus enabled. This allows students to practice with the technology prior to needing it on a live quiz. To use either LockDown Browser or Monitor, students must be able to install programs on their computer.

For information on Lockdown Browser or Monitor, see our Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor page.

Q: How do I see the Respondus Monitor reports about suspicious activity?

A: Instructors can view Respondus Monitor reports from within the Quizzes tool in TCU Online. To locate these reports, select Quizzes, and then select the LockDown Browser Tab. From there, click on the dropdown menu next to the name of the quiz you want to review and select Class Results.

Detailed steps can be found on our Review Respondus Monitor Recordings page.

Q: Why can’t I see what the Respondus experience looks like for students when I preview a quiz?

A: When previewing a quiz, TCU Online shows you a generic student view so you can make sure your quiz is displaying properly. However, TCU Online knows that your true role in the system is a professor, so it bypasses restrictions like Respondus. For a true student preview, you could ask for another instructor to be added to your course in the student role. That person could then communicate to you what happens when a student accesses your quiz.

For general information about the student Respondus experience, please see our video: A Student View of Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor.

Q: How can students get support if they are experiencing technical difficulties?

A: Students can get support directly from Respondus if they are having trouble downloading the software or are unable to access a quiz after launching the browser. Support can be obtained from the Respondus Student Help page.

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