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COVID-19 Information

Dear TCU Employees,

We once again extend our deepest thanks to you for your role in keeping our campus, our colleagues and our students as healthy as possible during the fall 2020 semester. Arriving to this point was no accident; a focus on health and safety practices and our substantial planning to Protect the Purple allowed us to deliver on the Texas Christian University Connected Campus experience.

As we prepare to enjoy a well-deserved extended Winter Break, we share with you our plans to continue our health and safety practices issued in Phase 3 Guidance, with some updates to share in this newly issued Spring 2021 Health and Safety Guidance. As with Phases 1–3, this document replaces previously issued versions. This is a fluid document; some practices and guidance may change based on the evolving impact of the pandemic and updated governmental guidance.

Below is a summary of key updates for spring 2021:

  • COVID-19 LEAVE: The use of COVID-19 Leave for covered situations is extended and will be reviewed periodically in conjunction with state, local and university community spread. COVID-19 Leave will be approved in accordance with standard university practices. Read more on page 9.
  • ON-CAMPUS MEETINGS and CONFERENCES: Restrictions for on-campus events and outside groups continue until May 15, 2021. All campus events must be approved by the appropriate vice chancellor or cabinet leader. Read more on page 13.
  • CAMPUS VISITORS: Visitors and vendors on campus continue to be restricted. During the normal course of business, some campus guests are required for critical tasks. Please work with your vice chancellor to discuss and determine activities that support ongoing business continuity. Read more on page 13.
  • TRAVEL: TCU-sponsored travel remains suspended until May 15, 2021. Necessary exceptions to this travel guidance can be made by the appropriate vice chancellor. Read more on page 14.
  • COVID REPORTING DASHBOARD: COVID-19 reporting through the established dashboard will continue in 2021. Data from 2020 will be archived and easily accessed from the 2021 dashboard. During the holidays beginning this Winter Break, the dashboard will be updated once per week, rather than daily. We ask that you continue to report positive cases during the Winter Break using the TCU Online Self-Report Form.
  • PUBLIC HEALTH GUIDANCE: This document has been updated and re-issued as part of our continued focus on the protocols outlined to protect our community.

Many employees have returned to safely engage with students and colleagues on campus, and we are grateful for your continued vigilance on and off campus. Prior to the return of students in January, we will communicate our continued call for physical distancing, face coverings, strict hygiene protocols, self-monitoring and testing. The protocols outlined in “A Healthy Campus is in our Hands” remain a campus-wide priority.

In fact, our November and December free on-site testing with Curative saw record participation and we intend to offer this service upon re-entry to our community in January through the spring. More details on this, and our plans for vaccine distribution to our campus community, will be released in January.

Your health and safety continue to be our priority. We will regularly share information with employees through email and

Please take this Winter Break as an opportunity to take care of yourselves and your loved ones – both physically and emotionally. Thank you for doing your part to protect our community.

Stay safe, healthy and well,

Kathy Cavins-Tull
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and
Chair of the Chancellor’s Campus Readiness Task Force

Yohna J. Chambers
Vice Chancellor and Chief Human Resources Officer

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