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COVID-19 Information

Dear Horned Frogs,

Throughout the many months we were apart, I walked our quiet campus as we contemplated the best options to have everyone back. And now, many of us have returned and the energy of the Texas Christian University campus is back as well.

Now, I walk campus overjoyed by seeing you in the Community Commons and elsewhere on campus, masked, hanging out and even studying.  

The power of connection is more important than ever, and I made a video (with a special guest) to share with you. Your participation in the safety of our campus is imperative – we must not become fatigued or complacent. Please keep wearing masks, maintain physical distancing, and isolate when sick. While we stay vigilant in keeping our campus as safe as possible from COVID-19, I'm also acutely aware of the emotional toll this pandemic roller coaster has taken.       

As we approach the holidays, election season, and nearly nine months (nine months!) of physical distancing, we are all suffering from information overload. Even though we all come from different perspectives and walks of life, I thank you for upholding our values, in particular the dignity of and respect for the individual. Please continue to reach out to one another and make our campus a model for inclusivity and kindness.

Go Frogs!

Victor J. Boschini, Jr.

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