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COVID-19 Information

The Employee Engagement and Organizational Strategy (EEOS) team remains committed to supporting faculty and staff leaders, managers and individual contributors across campus during this unusual time. Because all face-to-face professional development sessions are cancelled through April 3rd, we are sourcing relevant content from credible sources for tools and learning that continue to strengthen our workforce. Due to the content heavy nature of many incoming communications, it is challenging to format for every electronic device and reader situation. Like all y’all, our small team strives to do great work. We encourage you to contact us directly with access requests. Also, if you or your team have topics you’d like us to address, please send a kind note to

Today we share two webinars for those leading a team. Scroll this entire message to read about both. If you can’t attend, invite someone from your team to sign up.

The first, hosted by Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR), focuses on leading remote teams.

Click HERE to register.

The second, hosted by Kim Scott, Author of Radical Candor, focuses on Improvising Radical Candor: Leading With Kindness & Clarity During a Crisis.

Click HERE or on the picture below to register:

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