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Is TCU conducting contact tracing?

Last Updated December 28, 2020

TCU will complete a thorough contact tracing effort when we know someone has tested positive for COVID-19. When we identify a COVID-positive community member, a Case Investigator from the Health Center will call to provide medical advice, issue guidance about isolating and gather information about those with whom they were in close contact. A Care Coordinator will assist students with notifying professors about the need to take classes online, arrange food deliveries and offer virtual support services. A contact tracer then will contact those people who were in close proximity with the COVID-positive person to notify them to quarantine and get tested.

It is very important to answer the contact tracer’s call or return messages so that we can help reduce the spread of the virus. Since this becomes a public health issue, your cooperation is imperative. If you choose not to engage in this effort, the university will move forward with conduct process 3.2.8 in the Code of Student Conduct: Failure to comply with a University Authority.

Please report your positive test result to the TCU COVID-19 Report line (24/7). This call will trigger the university’s support and guidance for you. You should isolate immediately following the CDC guidance for isolation. You will be contacted by a Care Coordinator to finalize arrangements and begin 10 days of isolation.