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As a parent or guardian, I'm worried about my TCU student. What should I do?

Last Updated July 13, 2021

Parents and guardians of TCU students can contact the Center during regular business hours to discuss any relevant concerns about a student. We can provide advice on how to approach a student in need, discuss any appropriate plans of action, and give information about possible referrals.

Due to state and federal law, we may not disclose whether a student (over the age 18) is a client of ours without a signed release of information. If you want information about a student’s progress in therapy, we suggest you speak with that student directly, or ask them to sign a release of information. In addition, we do not have the authority to mandate that students seek our services or solicit individuals to seek counseling.

If you are interested in speaking with a counselor, please call our office at 817-257-7863. If there is an emergency after hours, please call the Campus police at 817-257-7777 or dial 911.

Please review the top questions the Counseling & Mental Health Center receives from families for more information.