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Service & Retirement

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Through the Years Together

TCU is more than just a workplace: we’re all part of a family, a team with a people-centered mission benefiting the greater good. Each year, we take the opportunity to honor some of the Horned Frogs who have seen and contributed so much to make this university what it is today.

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Time is life’s currency, and how we spend it is important. Here’s to the Horned Frogs making time for a turn in their journey, with great fondness and thankfulness for their years of service. May all your days be fulfilling, and your TCU mem’ries sweet.

Length of Service Name Department
52 years, 4 months Donald B. Mills College of Education
Length of Service Name Department
49 years, 4 months LaLonnie S. Lehman Theatre
46 years Glenn C. Kroh Biology
Length of Service Name Department
44 years, 4 months Ray W. Drenner Biology
41 years, 9 months Philip S. Hartman Academic Affairs
41 years David Grant Religion
Length of Service Name Department
38 years, 3 months Mary W. Kincannon Registrar's Office
35 years, 3 months Barbara Brown Herman Leadership and Involvement
35 years Gabriel M. Perez Grounds Maintenance
34 years Lynda Donnell Payne Science & Engineering
34 years Ranga Ramasesh Info System & Supply Chain Mgt
34 years, 11 months Shannon Henry Shipp Marketing
34 years, 10 months Steven E. Sherwood W. L. Adams Center for Writing
34 years, 10 months John Sweet Grounds Maintenance
34 years, 8 months Bonnie Swift Reiley Residential Housekeeping
33 years, 8 months Marinda Allender Harris College of Nursing & Health Science
33 years, 4 months Babette Bohn School of Art
32 years Neil Easterbrook English
32 years, 8 months Greg Stephens Neeley School of Business
31 years, 5 months Dan Ira Sharp Football-Mens
Length of Service Name Department
28 years, 11 months Steven Sprinkle Brite Divinity
26 years, 7 months Gerald Duane Katchinska Chemistry & Biochemistry
24 years, 7 months Joan M. McGettigan Film, TV, and Digital Media
24 years, 7 months Melissa Austin-Weeks Advancement - Alumni Relations
24 years, 1 month Diane Hawley Harris College of Nursing & Health Science
24 years, 11 months Teresa Marie Gartner Academic Affairs
24 years, 11 months Gary A. Patterson Football-Mens
23 years, 5 months Hoai Phuong Thi Nguyen Graduate Recruiting Admissions
23 years, 2 months James W. Williams Jr. School of Music
23 years, 2 months Hollis Dyer Facility Services
23 years, 1 month Mary Janelle Davila Ranch Management
23 years Jo Nell Wells Nursing
23 years Jeffrey Roet Geography
21 years, 9 months Ivan I Taskov Facility Services
21 years, 6 months Tracy Sterling Bristol Marketing and Communication
21 years, 1 month Lizbeth Ontiveros Branch International Services
21 years Don Martin Sommer Sports Performance
21 years Sheri Neill Facility Services
20 years, 4 month Loyde Vanalan Jones Info System & Supply Chain Mg
20 years, 9 months Lisa Rene O'Brien Management & Leadership
20 years, 9 months Linda W. Harrington School of Nurse Anesthesia
20 years, 1 month David Brock School of Music
20 years, 1 month Gale Hague Military Science
Length of Service Name Department
19 years, 8 months Kent D. Young School of Nurse Anesthesia
19 years, 7 months Pamela Carlisle Acd Prg Spc/Criminal Justice
19 years, 5 months Gail Tubbs College of Science & Engineering
19 years, 2 months Elodia Avelar Facility Services
19 years, 2 months Susan Ramirez History
19 years, 1 month Mary Alice Stanford Accounting
18 years, 9 months Jonie Good Smith Marketing and Communication
18 years, 9 months Melody D. Phillips Kinesiology
18 years, 1 month Mary Sherrod Harris College of Nursing & Health Science
18 years Paul Witt Communication Studies
18 years Joanne Fletcher Neeley School of Business
17 years, 6 months Brian G. Gutierrez VC Finance and Administration
17 years, 6 months Laura Loraine Russell Information Technology
17 years, 1 month Frank Thomas College of Education
16 years, 4 months Frances Jean Colpitt School of Art
16 years, 4 months Jeffrey W. Waite Neeley External Relations
16 years, 3 months Richeson III,James Everett Asset Mgmt & Technical Srvs
15 years, 11 months Elizabeth Eilene Theilig Brite Extended Education
15 years, 6 months Judy May Hobart Financial Services Office
15 years, 4 months Cheryl B. Strange Health Center
15 years, 3 months James Robert Hille Chief Investment Officer
14 years, 10 months William Charles Sawyer Economics
14 years, 10 months Frank Andrew Schoolmaster III VC Academic Affairs
14 years, 8 months Michele Gibbons Smith VC Finance
14 years, 5 months Jeffrey H. Moore Finance
14 years, 4 months Michael Keith Garrison Chief Investment Officer
14 years, 2 months Joretta L. Marshall Brite Instruction
13 years Steffen Erich Palko Sr. College of Education
12 years, 10 months Clay Sewell Buckelew TCU Police
12 years, 6 months Susan Teckenbrock Dolce College of Science/Engineering
11 years, 8 months Kevin Lee Johnson Ranch Management
11 years, 7 months Kenneth W. Lowrance Nursing
11 years, 2 months Ramiro Cis Flores Facility Services
10 years, 4 months Marla Weatherl McGhee College of Education
10 years Kathy P. Ferguson College of Science/Engineering

Recognition of Service

The years don’t change us, they just unfold us — and as the university blooms, so do we. Let us commemorate the milestones of our valued colleagues with gratitude, congratulations and best wishes for your continued partnership with TCU.

Edward McNertney Economics
Donald Blackshear Grounds Maintenance
Ralph Carter Political Science/Pre-prof Adv
James Duke Brite Instruction
Richard Galvin Philosophy
William Moncrief Marketing
Maria Mora Facility Services
James Riddlesperger Political Science/Pre-prof Adv
Ronald Sims Asset Management & Technical Services
Jennifer Watson Davies School of Communication Sciences & Disorders
Kerry Bouchard Mary Couts Burnett Library
Loreen Christ Music Prep Program
Peggy Conway Graduate Academic Activities
Lewis Glaser Design
John Harvey Economics
Charles Lord Psychology
Susan Anderson College of Education
Susan Douglas Roberts School for Classical & Contemporary Dance
Kevin Knight Institute Behavioral Research
Gorland Mar Marketing & Communication
Efton Park Mathematics
Dan Sharp Football-Mens
Yushau Sodiq Religion
Carol Thompson Sociology & Anthropology
Anne Vanbeber Nutritional Sciences
Stephen Weis Engineering
Adam Baggs Development
David Bedford Spanish & Hispanic Studies
Ronald Burns Criminal Justice
Terri Chanlatte Mary Couts Burnett Library
Janice Cobb Accounting
Ann George English
Maria Hernandez Facility Services
Gisele Kates Football-Mens
Margaret Kelly Marketing & Communication
Maria Leyva Facility Services
Suzanne Lockwood Nursing
James Lutz Mary Couts Burnett Library
Linda Norton Counseling Center
Clifton Overton Information Technology
Hector Rodriguez Grounds Maintenance
Tristan Tayag Engineering
Jeffrey Todd Modern Language Studies
Maria Vega Facility Services
David Williams President's Office
Yolanda Winston Information Technology
Steven Woodworth History
Giridhar Akkaraju Biology
James Brock School of Music
JoEllen Campbell History
Angela Cantrell Nursing
Leah Carnahan Counseling Center
Cristina Carpenter Campus Recreation
Benjamin Casarez Grounds Maintenance
Victoria Chen Scholarships & Financial Aid
John Cobb Asset Management & Technical Services
Johnny Davis Facility Services
Valerie DeSantis-Hancock Development
Abraham Duran Building & Equipment Maintenance
Richard Gipson School of Music
Paul Gonzales Electrical Systems
Anselmo Gonzalez Residential Housekeeping
Gale Hague Military Science
John Hernandez Residential Housekeeping
Zoranna Jones School of Interdisciplinary Studies
Debra Keese Facilities Administration
Sheryl Kline Financial Services Office
Miguel Leatham Sociology & Anthropology
Ted Legatski Entrepreneurship
Irma Lomas Residential Housekeeping
Jesus Lopez Building & Equipment Maintenance
Conrado Mayorga Grounds Maintenance
David Nolan Office of VC for Advancement
Randy Norwood Electrical Systems
Wyn Peeples Scholarships & Financial Aid
Julie Phipps Advancement - Athletic Giving
Monica Ray Athletic Administration
Maria Rojas Facility Services
Samuel Schlup Mechanical Systems
Cheryl Slocumb W. L. Adams Center for Writing
Olivia Soto Facility Services
Mary Stanford Accounting
Peter Szok History
Joel Timmer Film, TV & Digital Media
John Tisdale Journalism
Lisa Vanderlinden Sociology & Anthropology
Walter Wallace Information Technology
Molly Weinburgh College of Education
Peter Worthing History
Juan Avila Residential Housekeeping
Kathy Baker Nursing
Roger Barton Mechanical Systems
Maria Bedolla Facility Services
Wendy Bell Vice Provost
Karen Bisnette Neeley Dean's Office
Martin Blessinger School of Music
Jeffrey Bond Mary Couts Burnett Library
Rosangela Boyd Leadership & Involvement
Josefina Cardenas Facility Services
Chantel Carlson English
Matthew Chumchal Biology
Cheryl Cobb Advancement - Alumni Relations
Michael Cole Management & Leadership
David Cooper Residential Administration
David Coriano University Police Operations
Benjamin Crenshaw Information Technology
Sherry Crenshaw Development
Nancy Crippen W. L. Adams Center for Writing
Dusty Crocker Design
Clemencia Cruz Facility Services
Mark Dennis Religion
Karen DeWysockie Mary Couts Burnett Library
Rebecca Dority Nutritional Sciences
Joseph Eckert School of Music
Jason Faubion Ranch Management
Rebekah Fralia Human Resources
William Galyean Design
Pedro Garcia Grounds Maintenance
Mariza Garcia Facility Services
Isela Garcia Chancellor
Amanda Hale Biology
John Harris Philosophy
Rachel Hopper Residential Administration
Lynnette Howington Nursing
Tracy Hull Mary Couts Burnett Library
Martha John School for Classical & Contemporary Dance
Becky Johnson Environmental Sciences
Clark Jones Biology
Leah Kimbrell Chemistry & Biochemistry
Tyler Kroll Mechanical Systems
Bridget Ledesma Chancellor’s Office
Frank Lozada Brite Instruction
Carla Mass Undergraduate Admission
Till Meyn School of Music
Gary Miller Mechanical Systems
Carrie Moore Communication Studies
Aaron Munoz Information Technology
Joddy Murray English
Mona Narain English
Andrea Nordmann Chancellor’s Office
Yanet Ortiz Residential Housekeeping
Michael Perales Information Technology
Elizabeth Pettijohn Kinesiology
Denise Phillips Financial Services Office
Elizabeth Plummer Accounting
Kristen Queen College of Fine Arts
Alexandria Ramirez Scholarships & Financial Aid
Amparo Ramirez Facility Services
Abel Reyes Mechanical Systems
Amy Roehl Design
Youngha Ryu Chemistry & Biochemistry
Brooke Scogin Greek Residential Life
Megan Soyer Assistant Provost’s Office
Jeffrey Stanley Information Technology
Jeremy Steidl Dean of Students Office
Jane Torgerson Health Center
Jodie Weatherly Nursing
Allan Werner Electrical Systems
Dean Williams Biology
Everlyn Williams Facilities Administration
Diana Wingard Mailing Services
Laurie Wood Accounting
Shallum Worthen Athletic Academic Services
Deborah Alenius School of Music
Richard Alexander College of Education
Hayat Alhokayem College of Education
Samuel Arnold Political Science/Pre-Professional Advising
Magdalena Barajas Facility Services
Alma Becerra Facility Services
Bryan Beckman Neeley Technology
Eric Bell Soccer - Women’s
Colby Birdsell John V. Roach Honors College
Maria Boling Facility Services
Nicholas Bontrager School of Art
Gyneen Boudreaux University Union
Danielle Brimo-Picanes Davies School of Communication Sciences & Disorders
Miriam Calderon Facility Services
Casey Call Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development
Eduardo Cardoza Grounds Maintenance
Kristen Carr Communication Studies
Matthew Coffer Information Technology
Allison Craig English
Molli Crenshaw Biology
Tristan Decker Theatre
Hana Dobrovolny Physics & Astronomy
Melissa Draper Residential Administration
Heath Einstein Undergraduate Admission
Philip Esposito Kinesiology
Faina Feldman Information Technology
Brandon Frank Advancement - Operations
Alan Gallay History
Melita Garza Journalism
Sheila Griffin Nursing
Tracey Hanft Management & Leadership
Zackary Hawley Economics
Jason Helms English
Ryan Higginbotham Soccer - Women’s
Maleta Hill Chancellor
Amorette Hinderaker Communication Studies
Esperanza Huitron-Gutierrez Facility Services
Shawn Jackson Track - Women’s
Monica Jenschke School of Nurse Anesthesia
Stephanie Jevas Kinesiology
Jong-Hyuok Jung Strategic Communication
Ryan Keller Campus Recreation
Stephanie Little School of Art
Ethan Long Facilities Administration
Penny Maas Theatre
Janet Matzen Davies School of Communication Sciences & Disorders
Jason McCoy University Police Operations
Ruth McCurley University Police Operations
Ginger McKee Health Center
Kalyn McKittrick Tandy Exec Development Program
Johnny Miles Religion
Lindsey Millns Institutional Research
David Moessner Religion
David Muzzy Electrical Systems
Sarah Newton School for Classical & Contemporary Dance
Jennifer O Keefe Journalism
Miles Oller VC Student Affairs Office
Renee Olvera Accounting
Melissa Payton Geography
William Pelton Electrical Systems
Sharon Perea Counseling Center
Matthew Pitt English
Christina Rangel-Bautista Development
Alice Rattan Financial Services Office
Stuart Reed ID Card Office
Margaret Resk Undergraduate Admission
Jonathan Riddle School of Nurse Anesthesia
Guadalupe Robles Residential Housekeeping
Mark Roegels Engineering
Noe Rosales Facility Services
Kirk Saarloos Baseball-Mens
Jason Safran Chief Investment Officer
Sassan Sahba Athletics Facilities
Lisette Saleh Nursing
John Saxton Information Technology
Michael Scherger Computer Science
Haley Schoolfield Equestrian Team
James Seeley Journalism
June Seely Harris Col Nursing &Health Sci
Estella Serrano Residential Housekeeping
Abbie Shipp Management & Leadership
Brooke Shuman Advancement - Alumni Relations
Juan Sola-Corbacho John V. Roach Honors College
Travis Soyer Office of VC for Advancement
Marcella Stark College of Education
Jeffrey Stark Mary Couts Burnett Library
David Stein Graduate Recruiting Admissions
Amanda Swartz Counseling Center
Anthony Symanovich Film, TV & Digital Media
Joshua Tooley Information Technology
Maria Vasquez Facility Services
Mark Villagran Facility Services
Todd Waldvogel Facilities Administration
Kyle Walker Geography
Kathy Walton TCU Press
Larry Watt Advancement - Medical School
Tanya Wilkinson Advancement - Operations
Wendy Williams John V. Roach Honors College
Angela Wilson School of Music
Amber Woods Mary Couts Burnett Library
Rosalyna Yarbrough Davies School of Communication Sciences & Disorders
Jessica Zeller School for Classical & Contemporary Dance
Kimberly Adams VC Finance and Administration
Richard Adickes Safety
Erika Aguilera Registrar's Office
Maria Aguirre Donato Facility Services
David Allen Management & Leadership
Amy Anderson Nursing
Adrian Andrews VC Student Affairs Office
Aaron Anglin Entrepreneurship
Tatiana Arguello Vargas Spanish & Hispanic Studies
Ana Auger Crossman Soccer - Women’s
Jose Banos Entrepreneurship
Lance Bettencourt Marketing
Taryn Beverly Athletics Compliance
Hannah Black Rifle Team - Women’s
Ann Bluntzer Ralph Lowe Energy Management P
Gina Bombola School of Music
Erin Brown Athletics Compliance
Rhiannon Bruce Facility Services
Vanessa Bryan Leadership and Involvement
Claudia Butts Design
Angelica Carter Accreditation
Robert Carter Marketing & Communication
Tracy Centanni Psychology
Zeyun Chen Accounting
Lorena Cisneros-Lopez Residential Housekeeping
Diana Combs Selman Center for Career and Prof Dvl
Heidi Conrad Chemistry & Biochemistry
Annie Cowden BNSF Neeley Leadership Program
Christina Cowley Development
Janine Cox Chancellor
Lynne Cravens Art Gallery
Antoinette DeNapoli Religion
Aracely DeRose Advancement - Donor Relations
Lori Dibrell Advancement - Donor Relations
Jane Diseker VC Finance and Administration
Brian Dixon MD Faculty Salaries-Services
Teresa Drulia Davies School of Communication Sciences & Disorders
Sandra Espinosa Gamez Facility Services
Amy Estes Strategy and Communications
Brandon Fain Ed Landreth Auditorium
Ma Fernandez Facility Services
Michelle Frank Development
Danika Franks MD Student Affairs
Christopher Garcia Undergraduate Admission
Gisela Garcia Facility Services
Cedric Garron Leadership and Involvement
Wendy Gilbert Development
Gloria Gonzalez Residential Housekeeping
Kimberly Graham Nursing
William Grieser Finance
Kirstin Guinn Nursing
Hector Gutierrez Hernandez Beach Volleyball-Women’s
Amina Harris Undergraduate Admission
Joseph Harrison Management & Leadership
William Hartley Marketing & Communication
Brooke Helms Sports Nutrition
Blake Henson Academic Advising
Matthew Herrill Athletic Training
Carrie Hickman School for Classical & Contemporary Dance
Kimberly Hitchcock Health Center
Ken Hopper MD Faculty Salaries-Services
Benjamin Ireland Modern Language Studies
Ann Johnson Nursing
Amanda Johnston Undergraduate Admission
Andrea Kaelin Golf Women’s
Ingrid Keller Brite Admissions
Lisa Kimzey Nursing
Curtis Larsen Engineering
Katherine Lauve-Moon Social Work
Christopher Lawler Financial Services Office
Kelly Lee Leadership and Involvement
Brett Lemoine Football-Mens
Jo Leuck MD Faculty Salaries-Services
Ning Li Management & Leadership
Jaime Loke Journalism
Ian Loveall Theatre
Stephen Lusch Accounting
Russell Mack Strategic Communication
Lydia Mackay Theatre
Yesenia Madrigal Athletic Administration
Adriana Martin Cross Research
Michael McCormack University Police Operations
James McCurley Facility Serv Admin & Support
Kevin McDonald AVC  Acad Support - Roll Up
Carrie McKenzie Political Science/Pre-prof Adv
Douglas Meacham Football-Mens
Michele Meitl Criminal Justice
Jason Miller Information Technology
Adrien Mork Golf-Mens
Megan Munce Athletics Compliance
Erin Nelson MD Admission and Outreach
Sharie Owens School of Music
Crystal Page Dean of Students Office
Caron Patton Financial Services Office
Heron Perea-Sandoval Grounds Maintenance
Kimberly Posey Nursing
Christine Pratt University Police Operations
Glenn Putnam Mechanical Systems
Jue Ren Finance
Ahmed Rivera Campos Davies School of Communication Sciences & Disorders
Jean Rivera Perez Davies School of Communication Sciences & Disorders
Twyla Robinson School of Music
Tracy Rohrer College of Fine Arts
Francisco Rosales Grounds Maintenance
Samuel Ross Religion
Bronson Sagon Athletic Training
Leslie Sanders Information Technology
Jennifer Saperstein Residential Life
Steven Schoon Athletics Communications
Shannon Schultz Chancellor
David Scott University Police Operations
Benjamin Sherman Chemistry & Biochemistry
Cooper Sholder Baseball-Mens
Imran Siddiqui MD Faculty Salaries-Services
Laura Singletary School of Music
Jennifer Smith College of Education
Samantha Smith-Norris Mary Couts Burnett Library
Robin Smits Athletic Academic Services
Maria Solari-Martinez College of Education
Drew Solomon Risk Management
Molly Spain TCU Press
Trisha Spence Marketing & Communication
Amy Stewart School of Music
Mikaela Stewart Biology
Annie Tasby Accounting
Esther Teixeira Spanish & Hispanic Studies
Nino Testa Women and Gender Studies
Clint Thomas Asset Management & Technical Services
Drew Tomlin Mathematics
Rebecca Tully Neeley Academic Advising Center
Chelsea Turner Harris Col Nursing &Health Sci
Stephanie Vordokas Advancement - Operations
Eric Wersal Information Technology
Nicole Whiteside Undergraduate Admission
Mark Wills Accounting
Michael Wood Sports Performance
Qinghua Yang Communication Studies
Jie Zhuang Communication Studies
Dale Akers University Police Operations
Isaac Aldrete Mailing Services
Austin Alexander Information Technology
Taryn Allen College of Education
Thomas Allison Entrepreneurship
Maria Alvarez Residential Housekeeping
Mario Aquino Development
Nicolas Argueta Grounds Maintenance
Audrey Armstrong Institute Behavioral Research
Megan Austin Cross Research
Jonathan Babirak MD Simulation
Alvin Baker Electrical Systems
Kristee Bell Development
Tony Benford Basketball-Mens
Randy Blake Mechanical Systems
April Bleich MD Faculty Salaries-Services
Justin Botros Information Technology
Anthony Brandt Athletics Communications
Vicki Brooks Nursing
Carol Brooks Physics & Astronomy
Duane Broussard Basketball-Mens
Kyle Bryan Information Technology
Sherri Burke MD Faculty Salaries-Services
Michael Bush Information Technology
Juan Cabrera-Marcelo Strategy and Communications
Michael Caldwell Center for Career and Prof Dvl
Elizabeth Carrillo Strategy and Communications
Monica Castillo Educ Affairs and Accredit
Deepti Chadee Leadership and Involvement
Jacqueline Chappell The Energy Institute
Brandon Chicotsky Marketing
Jasmin Chung Student Identity & Success
Judy Cisneros Facility Services
Joseph Coffey Building & Equipment Maintenance
Holly Coker Health Center
Kristopher Copeland Marketing & Communication
Muriel Cormican Modern Language Studies
Victoria Couch John V. Roach Honors College
Melanie Coulson Center for Career and Prof Dvl
James Cox MD Faculty Salaries-Services
Ashley Criado Health Center
Teresa Dahlberg VC Academic Affairs
Marianne Daily Advancement - Operations
Adrianne Deem MD Faculty Salaries-Services
Cliff Defee Info System & Supply Chain Mg
Daisy Diaz Facility Services
Latrina Durham Risk Management
Cecilia Elizondo Student Support Services
Maria Escalante Facility Services
Erik Estrada Religion
Miriam Ezzani College of Education
Victoria Flores MD Student Affairs
Leah Foster Basketball Women’s
James Furgerson MD Faculty Salaries-Services
Esayas Gebremichael Geological Sciences
Megan Gibbs Mary Couts Burnett Library
Eric Gilbert University Police Operations
Christopher Gilbody MD Admission and Outreach
Kimberly Glaudy Cross Research
Mitzi Glover MD Faculty Salaries-Services
Emi Gomez College Advising Corps
Sharon Gooding Equity and Inclusion
Donald Goodrich Swimming-Mens
Joshua Hagenswold Building & Equipment Maintenance
Heather Hale MD Admission and Outreach
Leah Hamrick Mary Couts Burnett Library
Mary Hargis Psychology
Caroline Harper Starpoint School
Rachel Harris Brite Dean's Office
Melissa Harrison Journalism
Reece Harty Residential Life
Amy Haynie Episcopal Studies
Roger Helling Film, TV & Digital Media
Reginald Hendricks Human Resources
Creed Henry Advancement - Operations
Lisa Hewitt Strategy and Communications
Ann Hodges Mary Couts Burnett Library
Michelle Hooten College Advising Corps
Jeanelle Hope Comparative Race & Ethnic Stud
Patrick Hopkins Accounting
James Huffman Engineering
Heather Hughston Marketing & Communication
Brooke Hyatt MD Faculty Salaries-Services
Stephen Jenkins Graduate Recruiting Admissions
Reggie Jennings Advancement - Athletic Giving
Miranda Jensen Athletic Training
Dan Jian School of Art
Brandy Jolliff Scott Political Science/Pre-prof Adv
Jason Jones Football-Mens
Christopher Jordan MD Faculty Salaries-Services
Molly Kanthack Center for Supply Chain Innova
Lo-Chien Kao School of Music
Rachael Kauffman Starpoint School
Jacqueline Keiser Marketing & Communication
Malcolm Kelly Football-Mens
Gehendra Kharel Environmental Sciences
Sally King Health Center
Cassandra Kneblik College Advising Corps
Mary Knudsen KinderFrog School
Sophie Koff Undergraduate Admission
Erik Kojola Sociology & Anthropology
Joslyn Krismer Educ Affairs and Accredit
Carmen Kynard English
Song Lee MD Faculty Salaries-Services
Vicki Littlejohn-Oram KinderFrog School
Emily Lopez College Advising Corps
Andrea Losa Advancement - Donor Relations
Mike Martinez MD Faculty Salaries-Services
Richard Martinez University Police Operations
Colleen McColgan Undergraduate Admission
Roddy McCurley Grounds Maintenance
Leticia Mendoza University Union
Mary Mercatoris MD Student Affairs
Miriam Mier Facility Services
Michael Miller Brite Dean's Office
Tamika Miller Student Support Services
Lauren Mitchell MD Faculty Salaries-Services
Raymond Monk Mechanical Systems
Megan Mosiniak Residential Life
Tyra Musoma College of Fine Arts
Dameon Myres Athletics Communications
Jarrell Myrick MD Faculty Salaries-Services
Timothy Niacaris MD Faculty Salaries-Services
Stephen Nicar Economics
Alondra Olguin Chancellor
Oluwatomisin Oredein Brite Instruction
Sheriee Parnell Faculty Affairs & Development
Jodi Patterson Nursing
Michael Pelch Geological Sciences
Ernesto Perea-Cruz Grounds Maintenance
Cole Polley College Advising Corps
Victoria Post College Advising Corps
Cornelis Potgieter Mathematics
Randi Proffitt IBR/Knight D Research
Daniel Pullin Neeley Dean's Office
Cherish Qualls Engineering
Araceli Quevedo Narez Facility Services
Susan Rahrovi Harris Col Acad Resource Ctr
Enrique Ramirez Narez Residential Housekeeping
Caitlin Reed College Advising Corps
Ray Rhodes MD Faculty Salaries-Services
Kendall Riddell Development
Abigail Robbins Scholarships & Financial Aid
Andrea Roberts Football-Mens
Charity Robinson Film, TV & Digital Media
Ryan Rodems Athletic Training
Patricia Rodriguez Facility Services
Luis Romero Comparative Race & Ethnic Stud
Mehnaz Roshani MD Faculty Salaries-Services
Leticia Salinas Residential Housekeeping
Maria Sancen Residential Housekeeping
Adriana Sanders Counseling Center
Michael Sanders Human Resources
James Sang College Advising Corps
Corbin Santana MD Simulation
Corey Santee Basketball-Mens
LeAnna Schooley Center for Texas Studies
Keely Self Institute Behavioral Research
Bridget Shehan Scholarships & Financial Aid
David Sommers Greek Residential Life
Candace Soto College Advising Corps
Jason Stagner Information Technology
Kimberly Starkey Brite Instruction
Prescotte Stokes Strategy and Communications
Ryan Stroder MD Faculty Salaries-Services
Susan Terry Educ Affairs and Accredit
Brandon Timmon Information Technology
Emily Todd MD Faculty Salaries-Services
Mark Tommerdahl Football-Mens
Corey Trahan School of Music
Jacob Trevino College Advising Corps
Robyn Trocchio Kinesiology
Meagan Voorhies Human Resources
Sarah Walters School of Music
Robyn Ward School of Nurse Anesthesia
Blake Warwick Core Lab-Geology
Jessica Webb International Studies Adm
Eden Whalen Mary Couts Burnett Library
Kristina Wigington Nursing
Jerome Wilcox Diversity and Inclusion
Jonathan Williams MD Faculty Salaries-Services
Christopher Williams Tennis-Women’s
Shelia Williams VC Academic Affairs
Abbey Wilson Information Technology
Evynne Wong Educ Affairs and Accredit
Floyd Wormley Assoc Provost Academic Affair
Patricia Zamarripa Journalism
Yan Zhang Harris Col Nursing &Health Sci
Xiaolu Zhou Geography