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VIA: Lead On Goal 1

Strengthen Academic Profile & Reputation

Recommended Actions

  • Develop an inclusive definition of the teacher-scholar model through collaborative efforts of the provost, deans and faculty senate
  • Address issues related to faculty teaching, administration, and service loads to provide consistency with the vision of the teacher-scholar model
  • Build on the teacher-scholar cultural vision, expand on ways to reward TCU teacher-scholars and enhance the marketing of TCU scholarship and creativity
  • Allocate budgets and solicit more resources for grants for research and creativity as it relates to the teacher-scholar vision
  • Recruit and retain more culturally diverse students, faculty and staff
  • Increase dedicated resources focused on diversity, equity and inclusiveness (DEI)
  • Increase the number of endowed student scholarships, particularly for recruiting students with need
  • Invest in our foundation with testing-optional admissions
  • Create a university-wide testing center
  • Facilitate consistent approaches to cultural and global awareness
  • Provide faculty training to foster an inclusive learning environment
  • Leverage the Medical School and establish a plan to integrate and connect the Medical School with other disciplines
  • Communicate and educate the campus community on the progress and activities of the Medical School
  • Pursue a long-term academic strategic plan driven by qualitative and quantitative data whereby the university can base its decisions to support, expand or create new academic programs
  • Build a new university-wide data warehouse with accessible dashboards whereby quantitative and qualitative data can guide goal setting, program adjustment and graduate program growth
  • Provide resources and distribute them in a manner that allows prestigious programs to develop and continue to flourish
  • Evaluate the progress of the university by comparing specific programs at TCU to specific aspirant programs, rather than aspirant universities
  • Reduce reliance on adjunct and contingent faculty by increasing the number of full-time faculty
  • Enhance resources and infrastructure for faculty scholarship and creative activity
  • Increase staff support to allow faculty to prioritize teaching and scholarship
  • Where appropriate, introduce college-specific bachelor’s degree majors that are academically more robust than the current Bachelor of General Studies degree
  • Continue to build momentum by resource allocation to prepare students to compete for national awards of distinction
  • Enhance the classroom experience by hiring more full-time faculty to achieve optimal class sizes in all schools/colleges
  • Create more office and classroom space to support additional faculty and smaller class sizes
  • Reimagine and redesign academic advising
  • Increase participation in high-impact educational practices
  • Create TCU Summer Bridge programs
  • Increase course offerings in the 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. time period while ensuring that classes required for majors are available in this time period
  • Improve research and mentorship incentives at TCU for undergraduate and graduate students
  • Continue to enhance graduate studies through growth of selective programs
  • Plan to fund more cross and interdisciplinary minors and projects
  • Create opportunities for distinction by increasing interdisciplinary courses and collaborations
  • Remain competitive in the Big 12 and position TCU in the upper echelon of athletic prominence as a means of leveraging and elevating academic prominence
  • Create a Student Success Center
  • Analyze the transfer admission processes to better predict student success
  • Identify and implement best practices for meeting the academic and co-curricular needs of transfer students and veterans
  • Focus on organizational planning and development of our faculty and staff
  • Increase university-wide leadership training for all faculty and professional staff in succession planning
  • Improve career preparedness by actively encouraging all faculty and staff to seek professional-development opportunities
  • Continue to leverage the academic achievements of each college to enhance TCU’s academic reputation
  • Embed Marketing and Communication personnel across university colleges/schools and units who can manage academic storytelling