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VIA: Lead On Goal 4

Strengthen Workforce
(both employees & graduates)

Recommended Actions

  • Streamline and centralize the reporting process for the collection and storage of post-graduation-related data for undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Increase alumni participation in the collection of data post-graduation
  • Improve student perceptions and increase student participation with the Career Center for professional and career development
  • Support and enhance informal faculty mentoring, career preparation and community/employer connection, and link with the Career Center wherever possible
  • Maximize alumni and other beneficial TCU connections for post-graduation employment, mentoring, community/employer connection and internships
  • Establish a career and professional development class/seminar in each major or college
  • Duplicate best practices within the Alcon Career Center in other schools and colleges at TCU
  • Evaluate whether the Career Center has adequate resources and staffing
  • Improve graduate preparation programs
  • Research TCU best practices in experiential and work-integrated learning opportunities
  • Focus on organizational planning and development of our faculty and staff
  • Improve faculty and staff recruiting and hiring
  • Implement an exit interview process
  • Constantly evaluate the competitiveness and sustainability of compensation and benefits
  • Enhance work/life balance by implementing alternatives to the traditional work schedule
  • Explore the costs/benefits of providing onsite childcare
  • Provide additional leadership development and management training and offer online professional development classes
  • Establish a framework and processes for career advancement
  • Develop management transition plans where needed
  • Consider leadership/professional development rotations for employees
  • Create a phased retirement process and develop a process to assist with retirement planning
  • Continue to educate faculty and staff about retirement processes and policies
  • Address the needs of adjunct and part-time personnel for competitive compensation, support and/or benefits
  • Establish a culture that supports succession planning including addressing concerns for faculty and staff about promotions
  • Provide more information and advice about medical supplemental insurance plans to better inform retirees
  • Provide fitness program benefits, such as Silver Sneakers, for those who cannot utilize the TCU campus recreation center
  • Create an Ombuds office for the university’s staff and faculty
  • Improve communication on diversity with the campus community and increase opportunities for both formal and informal mentoring