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Teamwork: Horned Frogs know it’s not just for athletics. We all play a vital part in protecting the health and safety of the campus community.

Return to Campus: A Phased Approach

TCU’s three-phase Return to Campus plan was developed under the careful guidance of campus members serving on the Chancellor’s Campus Readiness Task Force. This approach has allowed employees to safely return to campus.

Explore Health & Safety Guidance

Personal Workspaces

Cleaning supplies have been provided so faculty and staff can wipe down their own office and common spaces to supplement routine cleaning. Employees should wipe down contact surfaces of tables, chairs and equipment in shared spaces before occupying and upon departure.

Meeting Rooms & Capacities

Departments and units are encouraged to explore opportunities to conduct large in-person meetings (such as staff meetings) remotely. If remote meetings are not possible then TCU Facilities will recommend physically distant meeting room capacities upon request.

Customer Service & Reception Desks

Plastic barriers and signage indicating appropriate standing distance (such as “stand here” floor markings) and reminders to maintain appropriate physical distance have been installed in certain workspaces at which employees are exposed to frequent, prolonged and/or close contact with the general public, (like cashiers and transaction counters). TCU Facilities will evaluate the need for plastic barriers and additional signage upon request.

Remote Work Resources

To help stop the spread of COVID-19, the university is providing a variety of resources to support employees who are working remotely.

  • IT’s Keep Working website offers faculty and staff information related to accessing technology resources and data from off campus, using video conferencing, and more.
  • HR’s Remote Work & Return to Campus website connects faculty and staff with learning and development resources, and health and well-being support. It also serves as a clearinghouse for policies and procedures related to COVID-19.

Staggered Work Schedules

Department leaders are encouraged to develop schedules that balance both employees and the continuity of business operations. Among the measures being taken to do this are staggered arrival and departure times and lunch/break periods.

Visitors & Vendors

To keep our community healthy and prevent the spread of COVID-19, TCU is strictly limiting on-campus visitors. Only TCU community members are allowed on campus. Any request for campus visitors or vendors must be approved by the appropriate vice chancellor or cabinet leader. Thank you for helping us keep our community healthy.

Approved visitors or vendors are required to follow TCU’s health and safety guidelines, including wearing a face covering and practicing physical distancing.

If you see someone who appears to be a campus visitor, it's okay to politely and professionally ask how you may help them. You may also inquire about the nature of their visit and explain the university is currently limiting visitors to help keep our community safe and healthy. If the visitor is not wearing a mask, let them know that disposable face masks are located at the primary entrance to every building. You can find more about campus visitor expectations in the frequently asked questions.

Generally, TCU students with visiting family members are restricted to their residence hall during visitation hours, Brown-Lupton University Union — including Market Square and Chick-fil-A, the TCU Campus Store and TCU Admissions. For more information about visitors for students living on campus, visit Housing & Residence Life.

Events & Meetings

The university is currently not scheduling events on campus through the end of the spring semester and through the summer. Any requests for exceptions must be approved by the appropriate vice chancellor or cabinet leader via email prior to being scheduled. TCU will continue to evaluate plans for the Fall 2021 semester.

All university event spaces are reserved for mission-critical activities. Many campus event spaces will be prioritized for use as classroom space or other mission-critical student-focused activities to allow for physical distancing. 

When possible, events should be administered and attended virtually. Zoom video conferencing is available to all TCU community members and can be used to move an event, or portions of it, online.

If an in-person event is absolutely essential and has been approved:

  • It must follow CDC and state guidelines.
  • Meeting participants must adhere to university instructions regarding face coverings, physical distancing, good hygiene and other personal precautions.
  • At the completion of the event, the host or hosts are expected to clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces in all frequently-used public areas or make a request through TCU Facilities to have the area cleaned (which will have a budget impact).
  • Event planners who postpone, cancel or adjust an event should communicate quickly and clearly with participants via email and the TCU Calendar.

TCU policy is subject to change based on revised and evolving state orders. For questions, please contact the TCU Office of Conference Services at 817-257-7641 or


Employees who are high risk as defined by the CDC are responsible for notifying their supervisor and Human Resources that they are in a high risk category.

To seek accommodations, contact Human Resources. Supervisors will work collaboratively with employees and HR to discuss reasonable accommodations or work modifications that will allow employees to continue working. If further work toward a satisfactory resolution is needed, employees may contact the Employee Relations team in Human Resources at

Please refer to page 10 of the Health & Safety Guidance for Employees (PDF) for more information about accommodations.

During the current COVID period, ADA includes accommodations for employees that the CDC considers high risk for severe illness.

Eligibility Requirements for Consideration

To receive reasonable accommodations under the federal ADA an individual must have an “actual” or a “record of” a disability, as defined by the ADA Amendments Act. In addition, there must be some connection between the impairment and specific need for accommodation.

Employees who are the primary caregiver of an individual with disabilities are ineligible to receive reasonable accommodations under the federal ADA; however, employees may be eligible for job-protected leave under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

For more information, visit the ADA page on the TCU Human Resources website.

COVID-19 Related Leave

Employees should use accrued leave (sick or vacation) to accommodate required absences. If approved for FMLA, employees must use their accrued sick and vacation to remain in a paid status while on FMLA.

During the current COVID period, FMLA would also apply for the following reasons:

  • To care for a spouse, son, daughter, or parent living in the employee’s household who is in a high-risk category for a serious health condition related to COVID
  • Positive COVID-19 test result – applicable for employee or eligible family member
  • 10-day self-observation due to close contact or exposure to COVID-19
  • If an employee is unable to work due to a dependent minor child’s school or daycare closure and no alternatives are available (You must provide proof of dependent status and include the notice from your child’s school or daycare to include dates that fall within the requested leave.)

For more information, visit the Family and Medical Leave Act information page on the Human Resources website.