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2020-21 Academic Calendar

The revised Spring 2021 Academic Calendar includes a condensed semester to promote a healthy campus. Winter break is extended with classes starting Jan. 19. There will be a three-day, on-campus break in March, and a Good Friday holiday. The last day of classes is April 30 and finals will be held from May 3-7.

On-Campus Spring Refresh

In place of a traditional Spring Break, the semester includes an On-Campus Spring Refresh Tuesday, March 9 through Thursday, March 11. No classes will be held on those days, and Student Affairs is planning several on-campus or nearby options for safe, in-person activities during that time. Classes will be held on Monday, March 8, and Friday, March 12. Limiting opportunities for travel helps keep our community healthy and the shortened break helps achieve the required number of class hours per accreditation guidelines.

Classes will be designated as online-only or in-person/dual to remain flexible to our community’s needs, and the COVID-19 Tuition Assistance Program will continue for spring classes. Stay tuned for information about the Student Experience this spring – TCU is committed to keeping our students engaged and connected, while supporting a healthy campus.

Aug. 17 First Day of Classes
Sept. 7 (Labor Day) Classes Held
Sept. 26 (Saturday) Classes Held
Oct. 8 & 9 No Fall Break; Classes Held
Oct. 22 Last Day to Drop Classes
Oct. 23 Last Day to Elect Pass/No Credit (P/NC) Option
Oct. 24 (Saturday) Classes Held
Nov. 17 Last Day of Classes
Nov. 18-20 & 23-24 Final Exams 8 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Nov. 23-24 Classes Held as Needed for Dissertations, Presentations, etc.
Dec. 4 Grades for December Degree Candidates Must be Posted
Dec. 10 End of Semester; All Other Grades Due
Jan. 19 First Day of Classes (Tue.)
March 9-11 On-Campus Spring Refresh (Tue.-Thu., no classes)
April 2 Good Friday holiday (no classes)
April 30 Last Day of Classes (Fri.)
May 3 - 7 Final Exams (Mon-Fri.)


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