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Deepti Chadee, director of senior year experience, was named president of the Association of College Unions International (ACUI) during the association’s 101st annual conference this month. Beginning immediately, she will serve three consecutive one-year terms on the board of trustees: as president-elect, president and then as past president.

“I am extremely honored and excited to service ACUI as president,” Chadee said. “ACUI is an association that is focused on advancing campus communities, and I strive to build community here at TCU. Through this role, I hope to bring back trends and best practices to help strengthen our TCU community while representing our university well.”

Chadee has previously served in numerous volunteer roles for ACUI over the past decade, including as an at-large member of its board of trustees from 2018-2020. Prior to that, she volunteered as regional conference coordinator, member of the association’s annual conference program team, faculty member for digital badge courses in student employment supervision and large-scale event management.

This relationship with ACUI over the years has allowed her to experience the association through “multiple lenses,” she said, which led to a better understanding of the experiences of volunteers.

“One of my stronger skills is my ability to connect with others, and this stems from a genuine place of care. I place a priority on taking the time to listen and support those who I work with,” Chadee said. “It is critical for each of our members to feel valued and included, and as president, I will lead the charge in this.”

ACUI Chief Executive Officer John Taylor said that, as president-elect, Chadee will be responsible for engaging members, ensuring that social justice, equity and inclusion remain a priority and that the financial future of the association remains secure.

“Deepti has been recognized as a hardworking, dedicated, and thoughtful member of the ACUI family willing to serve in whatever capacity needed.” Taylor said. “That our members sought to recognize her work by election to this important position indicates their support of her as the outstanding leader we all know her to be.”

Since 1914, ACUI has served as a nonprofit educational organization that brings together college union and student activities professionals with the primary mission of building campus community through education, advocacy and the delivery of services.

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