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spotlightWFAA recently featured Chris Watts, the Marilyn & Morgan Davies Dean of the Harris College of Nursing & Health Sciences, and his ongoing research to fight Parkinson’s disease.

In ‘TCU decoding the ‘sweet science’ of boxing and its benefit to Parkinson’s patients,’ Watts explained his partnership with former professional boxer Paulie Ayala who conducts boxing classes called Punching out Parkinson’s. Participants report improved symptoms, and Watts is out to see if he can take the anecdotal results and prove them. 

"We really wanted to study this scientifically," Watts said. "We want to scientifically test if this 'Punching out Parkinson's’ exercise program can impact Parkinson's disease in a positive way, and will that impact last over time. And the hypothesis is that it will."

Read and watch the full story.

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