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tcunewsTCU News is getting a makeover. Launched this month, the newly redesigned page features more front-page news stories, share buttons for social media, improved search and archives and more.

TCU News is the primary news source for the latest from TCU. In recent years, it has grown to cover an array of news, feature stories, announcements and events impacting Horned Frogs. TCU News stories are commonly accessed through channels such as TCU Today and Frog Buzz and shared on TCU social media platforms. Content categories cover everything from research and academics to campus life, inclusion and alumni.

TCU News traffic has increased more than 900 percent in the last two years, and the number of stories posted per year has grown nearly 800 percent. The growth is attributed to two factors: an increased demand for campus information due to the pandemic and the intentional, strategic goal to grow TCU’s academic reputation by creating engaging academic success and campus experience-related content.

More Front-Page News & Easy Social Sharing

Every story on TCU News now features easy share buttons at the top of the page to allow the reader to share the story on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or via direct link.

This creates a seamless way for faculty to elevate their work and that of their colleagues, for eager admits and students to spread their excitement, for alumni to stay connected and more.

Faculty Experts & Horned Frogs in the News

The TCU News page also serves as a resource for local and national media looking for expert faculty who can provide commentary on the latest local and national news and events.

The regularly featured “Horned Frogs in the News” tracks top faculty experts, students, alumni and more featured in the news media.

Access to College & Schools News & Announcement Pages

TCU News now provides direct links to college and schools’ news pages for the latest news and events happening in TCU eight colleges and schools. These pages are an outstanding resource for prospective students and families, employees, alumni and community stakeholders to learn what is taking place in their particular area of interest.

Expanded Search & Archives

With expanded content comes a more advanced search and archive feature. Archives now reveal stories dating back to 2018, quick filtering options are available by category and year, and the more robust and comprehensive search feature uses natural language processing and machine learning to adapt search results based on the way site users interact with it.

This search engine, combined with the new content-rich layout, helps elevate the TCU News user experience for everyone.

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