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After a successful collaboration that resulted in the creation of one of the nation’s newest allopathic (MD) medical schools, TCU announced today that the school is now the TCU School of Medicine.  

The former TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine will advance to its next chapter by transitioning to become a college solely within its degree-granting institution, Texas Christian University.  

“This is an exciting and transformational medical school with remarkable students,” Chancellor Victor J. Boschini, Jr. said. “We are grateful to UNTHSC for their partnership and for all of the hard work and dedication needed to get this school launched successfully. Our graduates will be Empathetic Scholars® and will benefit from the vision of both schools, for years to come.” 

See the full joint statement from Chancellor Boschini and UNTHSC Chancellor Michael R. Williams below.  

The medical school will graduate its first class in 2023 and is currently recruiting its fourth class, which will begin in July 2022. 

“We are extraordinarily proud of what has been achieved on behalf of our community with this transformative medical school,” Teresa Abi-Nader Dahlberg, provost and vice chancellor for Academic Affairs, said. “The TCU School of Medicine will continue to build upon the innovative curriculum and rigorous clinical training that define this program. We are fortunate to have some of the most talented medical students and faculty in the country, living and learning in our community. Our students' academic progression and experience remain our top priority and we are thrilled to continue our forward momentum.” 

The TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine was announced in 2015 with the vision of becoming an innovative medical school that would contribute to Fort Worth’s growing bioscience sector.  With the support of community leaders, philanthropists and foundations, the School of Medicine was launched and has grown to become a home for talented medical students and a pioneering resource in a rapidly expanding regional health care landscape. 

“On behalf of the TCU Board of Trustees, we continue to be inspired by this transformative medical school, including the clinical and academic talent that we are recruiting and retaining for our community,” Chairman Mark Johnson said. “We have the privilege and responsibility of educating medical leaders of the future. This is an extraordinary way for us to live up to our mission of responsible global citizenship, starting right here in Fort Worth.” 

While the school was formed as a collaboration, TCU is the governing university for the School of Medicine, and all faculty have TCU faculty appointments. With students as the top priority, the academic mission will continue without disruption.  

“Together, the UNT Health Science Center at Fort Worth (HSC) and Texas Christian University (TCU) have established one of the most innovative allopathic (MD) medical schools in the country. The new School of Medicine, made possible by the collaboration of two Fort Worth universities, is a true victory for our community.

Today, Fort Worth has two excellent schools training future physicians (DO and MD) and is contributing to a rapidly growing health care environment that is attracting new and established life sciences initiatives and professionals to the region. The first collaborative program of its kind in Texas, together we brought to life the dream of an innovative MD school for our community. Without the support, vision, leadership, and commitment of HSC and TCU, the school would not have been established.

As the TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine continues to grow and evolve, so do the needs of our region and state. To that end, the medical school will continue its evolution and success solely as the TCU School of Medicine with TCU as the degree-granting university.

We gratefully acknowledge our collaboration and the support of our philanthropic, business, and elected leader partners. Both HSC and TCU remain committed to ensuring that students receive the best medical education possible and that the resources of both universities are strategically deployed to improve health care outcomes for the people of North Texas and beyond.” 

-Chancellor Michael R. Williams and Chancellor Victor J. Boschini, Jr. 

For more, visit TCU School of Medicine News and FAQ. 

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