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As the research culture strengthens at TCU, the university once again releases Endeavors, the annual publication that showcases research, scholarship and creative activity underway at TCU. This issue’s major feature stories showcase areas of research strength rather than focusing on an individual study.

“We have a harder and harder time choosing what to highlight,” said Caroline Collier, editor.

endeavorscover2023This year’s cover story explores how faculty members are learning to protect the earth’s dwindling freshwater supply. The writer, Jenny Blair, interviewed biologists, environmental scientists and ranch management experts on how they are figuring out things like the best urban water filtration systems or optimal cattle-grazing practices in hopes of ensuring future U.S. residents will have access to clean, safe water.

“Another powerful story is about the Sh’ma choreodrama created by Suki John, a professor of dance,” said Collier. “Dr. John’s Jewish parents and grandparents survived the Holocaust. She created this dance-on-film to remind people of that horrible history and hopefully continue the decades-long healing process.” 

This Endeavors also features the pushing-the-envelope research happening at TCU’s Neeley School of Business. Many business faculty have conducted pioneering studies connecting the world of business to everyday concerns that have seemingly tenuous connections to what most people consider “business.” 

“We talked to Lance Bettencourt of marketing, who is rethinking how companies can partner with consumers who want to reinvent themselves and need several services to do so — think the diet app/consulting business Noom,” said Collier. “We also profile Gretchen Ross, who links the orderliness of an environment with the process of downsizing/deciding what sparks joy, and Keith Hmieleski, whose work sits at the intersection of psychology and entrepreneurship.”

Much of the research at TCU is conducted under the leadership of Floyd Wormley, associate provost for research and dean of graduate studies.

TCU is very lucky to have Dr. Wormley, who advocates for faculty and staff while encouraging boundary-pushing research across campus,” Collier said. “He understands more than anyone the importance of research, especially at a place like TCU that equally values teaching. The Endeavors team shares this passion and reverence for research, and we hope that enthusiasm and attention to detail are apparent on every page.”

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