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A popular video-game-turned-television-series, “The Last of Us” features a fungi that infects humans and leads to an apocalyptic scenario. The Dallas Morning News recently posed the question, “Could that really happen?” and turned to Floyd Wormley, associate provost for research, for the answer.inthenews

He quickly put readers at ease, explaining that few fungi can survive in our bodies.

“It’s too hot in the kitchen,” Wormley said. “So they cannot handle it.”

He goes on to share details about how various fungi react, the differences between fungi and viruses and more. He also explains that, despite the lack of realism, it is good for these topics to gain exposure in popular culture.

“I think that people are now looking at fungal infections … in a new light,” he said, “and hopefully that will promote funding in the area of vaccines, antimicrobials and new research.”

Read the full story in The Dallas Morning News.

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