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summer23magazineThe new issue of TCU Magazine was four years in the making. The cover story of the summer edition features six members of the first graduating class of the Anne Burnett Marion School of Medicine at TCU.

“The cover story is the culmination of a four-year immersive series in which our writer Lisa Martin shadowed the students through the first four years at the Burnett School of Medicine,” said Editor Caroline Collier.

She said it is eye-opening.

“In year four, the students spent much of their time rotating at hospitals while applying to as many as 50 different residency programs. I didn’t realize how high-stress the culmination of medical school can be,” Collier said. “The students rank their top choices based on where they want to live and what type of specialty they want to pursue. Then the programs rank their top candidates. It all goes into an algorithm, and every U.S. medical student finds out at the same time where they’ll be living next and what sort of shape their medical careers will be taking. Lots of drama. Lots of ambition. Joy and pain and everything else a compelling story should be.”

And that’s just the beginning. This edition also includes:

  • A profile of NBA star and youth advocate Desmond Bane ’20, the subject of TCU’s Nashville mural
  • A feature on three TCU professors who are helping urban farmers address food insecurity in underserved areas of Fort Worth
  • A research story about History Professor Rebecca Sharpless’ new book on how baking shaped the U.S. South.

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