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COVID-19 Information

Dear Horned Frog residents and families,

Thank you for giving us a moment to re-set our plan for residential move-out. We have heard you and are working around the clock to support flexible options - whether you are ready to move out today or need more time.

We will not require move out by April 5. You may leave your items in your residence until further notice from us. We are delaying the move out process until we know more about the national guidance and travel restrictions. Until that time, you may retrieve belongings by appointment.

Several of you voiced your concerns and we apologize for any stress this may have caused you. Your safety and health are our most important concerns as we navigate this rapidly changing COVID-19 time period. We are doing our best to serve you, and we appreciate grace as we navigate these challenges.

See the below options:

  1. You may still move out your belongings – If you have already made plans to move out your belongings and would still like to do so, please contact Housing to schedule an appointment* and we will assist you. Please contact for main campus housing or for fraternity and sorority housing. Please include “Move Out Plan” in the subject line of your email to facilitate the review of your email.
  2. We can ship your school supplies to you – If you need school supply items from your room, please fill out the School Supplies Shipment Form. We are able to send school supply items to your preferred U.S. address, at no cost to you. As a reminder, you will be allowed two boxes.
  3. If you require special accommodations – We are working with some students who require special assistance. Should you need to remain on campus, please fill out the Stay On Campus Form. If you have already registered, please take a moment to re-register your details, as we recognize updated guidance has affected plans.

*Your TCU ID card access is on, and we do not plan to restrict your access. However, it is critically important that you inform us that you are coming to campus, before you arrive so we may plan accordingly. In an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, our custodial staff is working diligently to keep our buildings clean and safe for those entering the building to pick up their belongings and for those that still live on campus.

We are in unprecedented times, and information is changing hourly. We ask that you please bear with us as we try to make plans for the future, and as we respond to this ever-changing pandemic in a way that protects our students. Our Horned Frog community is strong, and we are truly committed to serving you in the best way possible. Thank you for your patience.

Craig D. Allen
Director, Housing & Residence Life
TCU Box 297360
Fort Worth, TX 76129

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