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COVID-19 Information

Dear TCU Faculty and Staff,

Earlier this week, the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees met. In our previous updates, we have announced major decisions regarding benefits and finances, and news that has highlighted the gravity of our financial situation. Leading through this is a challenge, and I thank you for staying committed to our students.

The Trustees heard updates from Cabinet members on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI); Campus Readiness Task Force; enrollment; technology; Big 12 conference decisions; and of course, the financial status with projections and losses. I informed them of the recent Virtual Town Hall meeting that had more than 800 attendees and shared the types of questions that our faculty and staff had with regard to DEI, finances, budget reductions, and plans for returning to campus this fall. We discussed many of these topics last week at our Virtual Town Hall. In case you missed joining us, the video is posted here.

Virtual Town Hall Meeting – English audio, English closed captions 887c-abdd014970bd

Virtual Town Hall Meeting – Spanish audio, Spanish closed captions b8b3-abdd016a041a

It is understandable to question, challenge, or even argue over decisions made for the greater welfare and sustainability of TCU. During this unprecedented time, I’ve often asked you for patience, grace and understanding. Today I want to focus on what we agree on – that TCU is a transformative university. It’s true that we are undergoing substantial disruption because of COVID-19 crisis response. But pre-COVID, our Board had already determined the need for optimizing University resources to make room for future planning: lower tuition increases, challenges in national trends for recruiting students and an increased need for financial aid to ensure a talented and diverse student body.

We must make changes in order to achieve our mission over the long term, because our vision continues, and TCU’s role for students continues. Those pre-COVID challenges remain, and have accelerated. Please know that I understand the call to ask “why?” about so many things, and I appreciate the question. As stated previously, my goal has been to keep our Horned Frogs employed. I am convinced that this difficult present time will slowly, but surely, give way to a stronger future. I can’t predict when all will return to normal, but the promise of our incoming class keeps me motivated. We can all agree that students on campus bring new energy, big ideas, important conversations, activism, and optimism. Our students provide us the light that we need at this time.

Beginning next week, additional community members will be returning as part of Phase 3. Since we are taking tomorrow, Friday, off to honor Juneteenth, I’ve asked that they hold Phase 3 information until later next week. There is nothing critical included, but expect some updates to protocols and campus event procedures.

Despite our challenges, I believe with all my heart that TCU will survive and thrive – and achieve our mission as an inclusive and connected campus. Thank you for your support and being a vital part of our TCU family.


Victor J. Boschini, Jr. Chancellor

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