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COVID-19 Information

Dear Horned Frogs,

We are busy here at Texas Christian University, monitoring, modifying and enhancing our plan for your safe return to campus. We have all been watching the continued spread of COVID-19 across the country and want to provide the safest experience possible for you. Our faculty and staff are implementing additional measures so that we can provide optimal schedule flexibility and deliver an enriching academic experience in a safe on- campus environment. There is nothing more important to us than your health and safety. View our safe campus video.

We hope you took a moment last month to visit the TCU Connected Campus website, which provides timely updates to our plans and procedures. It’s important to all of us that we maintain our sense of campus community, while also reducing the spread of COVID-19. This semester will certainly feel a little different from past semesters: we are requiring face coverings in the classroom and most public spaces; we will have hand sanitizing stations throughout campus; we will be testing, tracing and treating active cases on campus, among many other modifications…again, all in the best interest of the health of our campus community.

Today we have important updates to share with you, as well as some helpful tools for your return to campus:

Increased Classroom and Remote Learning Flexibility:

  1. You will be able to CHOOSE whether to take courses online or in-person on campus. Some students and families have requested this as a preference, and will be able to indicate their choice of fully online enrollment via the “Student Center” link in the student portal at This function is scheduled to be available by July 6. Please note that some classes must be taken in person for accreditation requirements, so your request may need to be reviewed by your academic department.
  2. If you choose to take all classes online, you may take the courses from your on or off-campus residence and engage with other activities to sustain the best University experience possible.
  3. The University has expanded the number of courses that will be offered online. All in-person courses will also be offered online, and we are now identifying which classes will be offered online only.
  4. To enable physical distancing and in-person class engagement, some classroom locations will change to take place in larger on-campus venues. These details will be provided in the coming weeks.
  5. Though announced a month ago, I want to remind you of our schedule change, with classes commencing on August 17 and classes and final exams ending November 24.

Student Resources and Events:

  1. In June, we launched our “Healthy Campus” campaign, which outlines steps we are taking to minimize risk and promote healthy behaviors. As many of you prepare for a return to campus, see this checklist of what to bring and what you can expect on campus. For questions about how you will engage in activities, participate in classes, get meals, and more, review this FAQ. We update this website consistently with new information as it becomes available.
  2. We have expanded staff and resources in the Brown-Lupton Health Center. The clinic itself was renovated this summer to create a separate space to safely evaluate and treat those who might be COVID-19 positive. Additionally, the Health Center now has three different platforms capable of testing for COVID-19, with results generally in an hour or less. To aid in our testing and tracking protocols, the campus community should call 817-257-2684 (817-257-COVI) to self-report a positive COVID-19 diagnosis and receive support services. A “What To Do If” decision-tree is located on the COVID-19 microsite.
  3. TCU Counseling & Mental Health will continue to offer counseling via Zoom, in person crisis response, and virtual groups and support communities.
  4. This fall, we will limit the vast number of typical on-campus activities that involve inviting large groups of folks to campus. Family Weekend and Homecoming activities have been cancelled to reduce travel to campus and limit large gatherings in accordance with Centers for Disease Control guidelines.

We expect further changes related to the pandemic and are fully prepared to pivot and continue making our decisions with the health of our community in mind. Each member of the TCU community is first and foremost personally responsible for their health and well- being. As such they should always use good judgment in any and every activity they undertake. This is a personal responsibility which is assumed of everyone in this community.

We are confident in TCU’s planning and precautions, but also in the spirit of Horned Frogs coming together in community, to protect themselves and others through active personal responsibility. Our Horned Frogs remain our inspiration, and we are excited about the academic and personal growth ahead of us this fall semester.

Please stay safe and healthy. Go Frogs!


Victor J. Boschini, Jr.

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