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COVID-19 Information

Dear TCU Faculty and Staff Colleagues:

We successfully completed the Spring semester, thanks to everyone’s hard work, long hours and deep dedication to our students and to each other. Now, we turn our attention to implementing a safe, phased return to campus over the summer months.

Our Return to Campus plan has been developed under the careful guidance of campus members serving on the Chancellor’s Fall 2020 Campus Readiness Task Force. In addition, we have consulted numerous experts in the medical and cleaning and restoration industry and have continued to adhere to public health authorities and CDC guidelines as we developed our plan.

This is a comprehensive plan, the full details of which will be shared in the coming days. For now, we are sharing with you pertinent information for Phase I as well as an overview of the guiding principles and strategies that we will implement to support our safe Return to Campus. It will take all of us, working together as a community, to ensure the safety, health and welfare of our campus.

Phase I begins Tuesday, May 26. During this phase, a limited number of leaders and department heads will return to campus. This email is not a notification to return to campus, but serves to inform you that we are beginning Phase I. Employees that are scheduled to return Tuesday have already been notified by their supervisor. Communication regarding employee return expectations will come through supervisors.

This phased approach allows us to prepare campus for the return of all other employees in a safe manner so we can ready the campus for our students’ return. As such, these initial returning team members will help to further prepare and refine the campus for Phases II and III.

Our Return to Campus guidance is predicated on the following principles and strategies:

  1. Commitment to Health, Safety and the TCU experience

    1. Maintaining the high quality of TCU’s academic promise

    2. Adherence to new protocols and safety practices

    3. Return to Campus orientation

  2. Community Cooperation and Flexibility

    1. Remaining flexible to the evolving pandemic

    2. Mitigate risk and protect the vulnerable in our community

    3. Participate in academic and operational planning

    4. Health self-assessment

  3. Enhanced Cleaning Protocols and Prevention

    1. Public Health campaign for campus

    2. Increased vigilance in common spaces

    3. Provision of supplies and personal responsibility with cleaning protocols

  4. Adherence to Public Health Guidance

    1. TCU will follow governmental and CDC guidelines

    2. Physical distancing, handwashing and face coverings

    3. Limited events, visitors and vendors

    4. Reporting and accommodations

    5. Employee testing and tracing through Tarrant County Public Health

All employees should note the following procedures:

  1. All members of the TCU community should wear face coverings when in public and when other physical distancing measures are difficult to maintain. TCU will provide one face covering per employee.

  2. We will continue to use physical distancing to limit gathering together. Please continue using Zoom or other electronic communication methods when meeting with colleagues. If in-person meetings are required, please ensure that physical distancing guidelines can be achieved. This also applies if you are working in outdoor spaces.

  3. Increased cleaning protocols will include twice-per-day cleaning/disinfection of high touch areas. To minimize traffic in office spaces, place trash cans OUTSIDE your office door/area. Housekeeping will no longer enter offices or enclosed office areas on a daily basis.

  4. Disinfect personal spaces and contact areas. TCU will provide cleaning supplies to aid this effort, in addition to enhanced cleaning protocols in common areas.

  5. Prior to coming to campus all employees are expected to conduct a daily health self- assessment. This assessment is a responsible and caring task you can complete to do your part in making sure you, your family and our campus remain healthy.

Within the next two weeks, before Phase II starts on June 8, we will be releasing more plan details along with initial guidance for our students’ return.

We remain grateful for our caring community, and appreciate all of the participation and feedback that we have received in the building of these plans. Thank you all very much for what you add to the TCU culture and experience.


Kathy Cavins-Tull
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Yohna Chambers
Vice Chancellor and Chief Human Resources Officer

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