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COVID-19 Information

Welcome back, Texas Christian University,

We begin again, after a long and restorative Winter Break. We begin with optimism for a healthy new year and we delight in beginning an academically enriching spring semester.

For those just joining TCU in 2021, we extend our warmest welcome. You’ve joined a powerful and dynamic community of students, faculty, staff and more than 94,000 alumni, living and thriving across the globe. We are glad you are here.

The new year promises new opportunities. And while 2021 began with similar challenges to 2020, together we collectively commit to grow, remain curious and exemplify courage. That is what our TCU community does best.

I am confident that the coming months will bring us closer to one another because my trust rests in the talented, passionate and caring people of TCU. I expect another historic year, and I am grateful to spend it with you. Let us experience these complex and exciting times together as Horned Frogs, dedicated to the students we serve, and committed to always being life-long learners.

Welcome Back Video

With best wishes for a successful semester,

Victor J. Boschini, Jr.

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