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Office of Diversity & Inclusion

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Texas Christian University’s Commitment to Inclusive Excellence

“What would it look like if every person in our community could be imbued with an authentic sense of belonging and mattering?”

As a private institution of higher education, Texas Christian University (TCU) attests to and affirms its commitment to pursuing and advancing inclusive excellence. Inclusion as an ideal and practice is nested in the University’s values of integrity, engagement, community and excellence.

TCU wholeheartedly supports the many communities that it serves. Because we belong to a broader epistemic community in higher education, we fully commit to upholding and protecting academic freedom so that our teachers, scholars and students can enhance learning and the advancement of knowledge and practice. And in equal part, incorporate lived experiences and unique insights to fulfill our mission.

This commitment also implies that TCU unwaveringly places the safety and well-being of all persons in its community as its highest priority. This includes ensuring that resources and support for the community are accessible and available to all.

TCU centers these commitments in a vision that incorporates an expansive definition of diversity, enabling TCU to welcome all in to the campus community. Inclusion and belonging catalyze the Horned Frog experience and drive the advancement of and accountability to equity in order to ensure that opportunities, resources and positive outcomes are available to all.

In sum, this commitment is but part of a deeper set of goals, values and objectives rooted in empathy, care and consideration of whole-person development that differentiates TCU as an academic institution of choice, enriching the university and the broader society that it serves.