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Office of Diversity & Inclusion

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Funding & Access Opportunities

We lift up programs that ENGAGE and do the following to ERASE the “ISMs”:

  • Engage in independent learning about diverse individuals and communities
  • Reflect critically and meaningfully on personal decisions, thoughts, and opinions
  • Act with civility and respect in our classrooms and community
  • Strive to address inequities in your sphere of influence and beyond
  • Encourage and support diverse perspectives and opinions

Additional questions may be directed to Vincent Perez at

The Inclusive Excellence Initiatives Fund was established to support new initiatives and strengthen existing initiatives regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion. This fund supports TCU’s strategic priority to build university experiences for students, faculty, and staff to focus on inclusive programming and educational opportunities.

The Inclusive Excellence Initiatives Fund will grant up to $2500 for creative programs that foster collaborative partnerships and encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion across all dimensions of identity.

Applications are open to students, registered student clubs and organizations, faculty, and staff. Funding will be used for new initiatives or support existing programs that enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion. New initiatives that include collaborative proposals will be favorably considered. Although there is no due date, applications will be reviewed when received, and funding will be distributed until exhausted.

Funding will be distributed throughout the academic year and must be used in the same fiscal year. Funds may not be used to pay university staff, faculty, administrators, or students and will not be awarded for travel or proposals related to research projects. Inclusive Excellence funds are not available to support repeated programs and events for multiple years. Applicants are required to disclose any additional funding received. Funds awarded must be used for the intended purpose.

For application, apply here.