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These artifacts were reviewed during a site visit to the Granbury Depot, directed by Karen Nace.

In a large book of deeds, there are quite a few entries regarding the Clarks, Pleasant Thorp, and Add Ran College. These records seem to come from the time when the Clarks turned over everything to the Brotherhood of the Christian Churches of Texas around 1890.

Included here are a few pages from T.T. Ewell’s book, Hood County History, which we have in the TCU library.  According to Karen, the information in the book comes from unverified oral history, and it appears to me that the information in the chapters about the Clarks and AddRan may have come from an interview with 80-year-old Joseph Addison Clark, who apparently viewed himself as the founder of AddRan College. Karen also feels that Joseph Addison was likely behind the whole enterprise, due to his forceful nature. I would say, at the least, it appears to have been a joint effort between the father and his two eldest sons.

We talked about Charlie and Kate Thorp, too.  As you might imagine, it is difficult to find records related to Black people in the county, though she does have records from The Colony cemetery. One of Charlie’s grandsons is buried there.

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