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Race & Reconciliation Initiative

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150 Connections Mural


About the Mural

“150 Connections,” located just east of the Clark Brothers Statue, is a collaboration between ArtOrg student artists, supervised by Associate Professor of Art Adam Fung, and the Race & Reconciliation Initiative.

In commemoration of TCU’s Sesquicentennial, RRI utilized its research on TCU’s history with slavery, the Confederacy and racism to generate a list of 150 faculty, staff, students and alumni who have broken barriers, demonstrated ethical leadership and shaped TCU to become a more diverse and inclusive campus. While not every person from this list could be included on the mural due to limited space, the individuals selected serve as past and present representatives who have meaningfully contributed towards a campus culture where everyone is respected and valued.

Featured Portraits

Kelly Phommachanh

Addison Clark

Leon Reed, Jr.

Paloma Bermudez

Electra Kitchin

Florencio Aranda III, Ph.D.

Mildred Sims

Dan Jian, M.F.A.

Leslie Ekpe, Ph.D.

Nino Testa, Ph.D. aka Maria von Clapp

Jesse Truvillion

Lillian Young

Frank Hernandez, Ph.D.

Daniel W. Pullin, J.D.

Frederick W. Gooding, Jr., Ph.D.

Martin Luther King, Jr., Ph.D.

Veda Phillips Felder

Aisha Torrey-Sawyer

Hayden Nguyen

Teresa Abi-Nader Dahlberg, Ph.D.

Mona Narain, Ph.D.

Marcellis Perkins

Muriel Cormican, Ph.D.

Alex Vinh

Tabitha Tan

Zoranna Jones, Ph.D.

Ronald Hurdle, J.D.

Larry Dickson

LaDainian Tomlinson

Tracy Reneé Williams

Joshua Kai

Jennifer Giddings Brooks, Ph.D.

Stephanie Cuellar, Ph.D.

Darron Turner, Ph.D.

Sylviane Greensword, Ph.D.

Camille Sholars

Floyd Wormley, Ph.D.

Abdullah Ben Kori

Claire Sanders, Ph.D.

James Cash, Ph.D.

Victor J. Boschini, Ed.D.

Allene Parks Jones

Carson Huey

Lau-Rent Honeycutt

Cannan Huey-You

Sonja Watson, Ph.D.

Mike Miles

Haylee Chiariello

Jonathan Benjamin-Alvarado, Ph.D.

Carrie Liu Currier, Ph.D.

Scott Langston, Ph.D.

Amiso George, Ph.D.

Randolph Clark

Hanan Hammad, Ph.D.


We are grateful to Associate Professor Fung and the artists in ArtOrg who selected the individuals to be featured, painted the portraits and designed the mural, especially the following student artists who led the effort: Natalie Neale, Jules Jung, Caya Crum, Micah Matherne and Freddy Ortega.

The student artists include Caya Crum, Natalie Neale, Jules Jung, Micah Matherne, Freddy Ortega, Alex Burns, Adrienne Carson, Ellie Evans, Lauren Fleniken, Davion Mack, Sydney Martin, Kaylee Meyer, Kimberlyn Moore, Zoe Najar, Anh Nguyen, Victor Peña, Jasmine Ramirez, Lane Rosal, Dinora Salazar, Madeline Smith, Adelynn Strong, Jason Thing, Phoebe Todd, Marc Valdez and Lydia Welling.