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Race & Reconciliation Initiative

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Join Our Journey

Be a part of the TCU community’s efforts towards racial understanding and progress.

Each member of the RRI will lead one of five working groups to build an accurate picture of the past and the present, envisioning a healing path for the future.

RESEARCH – Deeper dive with intersectional lens into Founding Years, 1861-1891.

PROGRAMMING – in coordination and conjunction with ODI, to conduct monthly Virtual Town Hall Programs, RRI Week in February, as well as proper preparation and focus for Reconciliation Day* (* = 3rd Wednesday in April).

COMMUNICATIONS – an integral part of heightening awareness year-round on and off campus.

RACIAL GEOGRAPHY – a “cultural inventory” of our campus to understand whether it tangibly reflects/reinforces inclusion or exclusion via thorough analysis of physical structure, layout and artifacts throughout TCU’s campus footprint.

ENGAGING PEDAGOGY – outreach and support for faculty and staff wishing to integrate RRI into student experiences. 

Sign up here if you would like to be considered to join a working group:

Let us know how you would like to participate.