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Texas Christian University is committed to fostering a culture promoting ethical conduct and requires compliance with all applicable law, regulations and policies. Compliance officers reside within various departments, working to manage the vast array of activities in which the university engages, many of which have legal obligations and policy responsibilities. The Office of Compliance coordinates the compliance efforts, providing an independent compliance function for the university, reporting to the Chancellor and providing regular updates to the Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee of the Board of Trustees. 

The Office of Compliance functions in partnership with University leadership to:

  • monitor, facilitate and ensure University compliance with all federal and state regulations and laws;
  • monitor the effectiveness of compliance efforts and related activities, identify appropriate accommodations to improve effectiveness, identify risk exposure and corrective or preventative measures, and conduct follow-up to assess the effectiveness of recommendations; and 
  • promote compliance awareness and serve as a resource in developing or improving short-term and long-term compliance related processes institution-wide.  

Additionally, the Office of Compliance, in conjunction with the Division of Human Resources, manages the University's Ethics & Compliance Hotline.  

 Report a Concern

Each one of us, regardless of position, shares the responsibility for creating and promoting an ethical culture.  One way you can help is to share your concerns, questions and suggestions with your supervisor or manager, other University administrators, or Compliance Officers.  If you don't feel comfortable reporting your concerns to a University representative, you can make a report via the TCU Ethics & Compliance Hotline.  TCU has contracted with a third-party provider, NAVEX Global - EthicsPoint, to assist its faculty, staff, and students in reporting activities and actions which may involve violation of University policies or other misconduct.  EthicsPoint acts as a confidential and independent provider to send your report automatically to TCU.      

We encourage you to report any concerns you may have regarding unethical activity, such as fraud, discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, and more.  The TCU Ethics & Compliance Hotline allows you to communicate your concerns and enables you to remain anonymous if you so choose, while supporting University policies that reinforce the expectations that employees making a good faith report not be subject to retaliation.  For more information on how and when to report, visit and click on the FAQ link.   

TCU strictly prohibits and does not tolerate retaliation against any member of its community who files a report of suspected fraudulent, dishonest, or illegal conduct.  No member of the University community may interfere with the good faith reporting of a suspected or actual violation; no individual who makes such a report shall be subject to retaliation, including harassment or any adverse employment, academic or educational consequence, as a result of making a report.   

 Make a Report 

EthicsPoint is not an emergency service.  To report emergencies or incidents posing immediate threat to life or property, please dial 911 to reach local authorities or contact the TCU Police Department at 817-257-7777 or by dialing 7777 from any campus phone.