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What inspires you? Are you a maker? A deep thinker? A connector of ideas or people? When you find your home in one of our schools or colleges, you’ll tap into a powerful academic community that will support you on a path to make a difference in the world.

A student carrying a backpack walks through the Moudy Building as the structure's architectural features cast shadows dramatically on a concrete wall
A bronze statue of TCU founders Addison and Randolph Clark

AddRan College of Liberal Arts

The flexible degree programs in AddRan allow you to choose from a wide variety of subjects and study what you’re passionate about — with real-world applications. Liberal arts grads learn the critical thinking skills needed for today’s workforce.

Bob Schieffer College of Communication

Named for the veteran journalist whose 60-year professional legacy was founded on persistence, integrity and civility, the college offers immersive paths to careers in communication, journalism, advertising/public relations and media.

A student reporter holds a microphone up to a student wearing a hijab while a student with a video camera records the interview
A TCU student reads a book with a young child

College of Education

For 140 years, TCU’s College of Education has provided exceptional preparation for the most inspired and inspiring educators. We are the only university in the nation with two on-campus laboratory schools for children with special needs.

College of Fine Arts

Where communities of performers, artists, teachers and designers put their passion into practice in a nurturing environment for creativity and scholarship—surrounded by the cultural bonus of North Texas’s vibrant arts scene.

Student actors in a theatrical production of Spring Awakening sing together on stage
A male student wearing green protective gloves works on a piece of electronics

College of Science & Engineering

Addressing increasingly connected aspects of the scientific future, our programs explore the environmental impact of our society, the intricacies of the human mind, the evolution of distant galaxies and other big questions.

Harris College of Nursing & Health Sciences

Our mission is to impact global health through equitable, accessible and inclusive education, scholarship and innovation. 

A nursing student in purple scrubs uses a stethoscope as she practices on an infant simulation dummy
A young woman in a suit speaks before a room full of TCU Honors professors

John V. Roach Honors College

Want to reach your fullest potential? Challenge yourself and explore the complexities of knowledge in this learning community of academic excellence. Honors students are leaders in the classroom, on campus, and in the world.

Neeley School of Business

Consistently ranked as a top business school in the nation, we create the next generation of business leaders through the power of ideas, collaboration, personalized professional development and real-world experience.

Students at a whiteboard arranging brightly colored sticky notes as part of a design thinking project
A female student sits at a desk, highlighting important information in a text book

School of Interdisciplinary Studies

Our programs are about seeking solutions and making a difference in the world. We empower change by examining real-world problems through an interdisciplinary lens—and by building bridges that connect people, ideas and disciplines.

TCU School of Medicine

Meet the nation’s most innovative medical school. Our Empathetic Scholar learning model develops communication skills throughout all four years of the program.

Medical students