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You Should Be Using TCU’s Official Events Calendar

What is is a robust, interactive community calendar managed by the Office of Marketing & Communication. It aims to be the one central resource for those seeking to discover all there is to see and do at TCU.

Why did we need a new calendar?

Historically, because there’s never been an official centralized university event calendar, event organizers were required to post events on multiple calendars in order to spread the word widely. Now, regardless of which TCU-related event calendar you post events, we are able to pull that event information into This time-saving capability will streamline the process of finding, promoting and sharing events.

If you organize a significant number of events, contact the web team at to set up a channel for your group, department or office.

What does the new calendar offer that the old one did not?

The calendar offers many useful features for both event organizers and those looking to attend events. They include:

  • user-friendly event submission form
  • powerful event filtering by type, target audience and topic
  • event interaction tools to connect attendees with one another
  • easy event promotion via automated email and social campaigns
  • automatic integration with (or Google Maps, for off-campus locations)

What types of events are posted? is for university events of any size that are open to TCU faculty, staff and/or students. Events may, but are not required to be, open to the general public. Examples include:

  • academic lectures, seminars and guest speakers
  • student organization events open to others
  • athletic, club and intramural events and activities
  • career and other on-campus resource fairs
  • admission events and campus tours
  • concerts, theatrical performances and art shows

Closed office, departmental or other group meetings, as well as sales or special events of a commercial nature, would not be suitable for

Who may submit an event?

Any student or faculty/staff member may use his/her TCU user ID and password to submit an event. While parents, alumni and those outside the TCU community may create a log-in to interact with events, personalize calendars and receive recommendations, they may not submit events.

How do I submit an event?

To log in to the TCU Events Calendar for the first time, use your TCU network ID and password. This is the same username and password to access email.

Select the Submit Event button at the top right corner of the page to begin filling out the Event Submission Form.
submit an event button
It’s helpful to have a promotional image ready before submitting your event. Event promotional images appear in square format with a minimum size requirement of 500 pixels for the width and height. Pro tip: leave enough "safety" margin so that your subject isn't cut off. 

As a best practice, this square promotional image should contain little or no text. When submitting an image, please provide a short description of the photo or event on the submission form for website accessibility to visitors with vision impairments. You’ll see how this is done in the video tutorial below. If your image isn’t square, you can upload other sizes and "zoom" into a portion of the image for visual interest—when the event is published, clicking on the image will open a full view of the larger image, such as a flyer or poster. 


How long will it take for my event to appear on

If your event qualifies, it will be posted to within two business days. For maximum visibility, submit your event as early as possible (at least seven business days before the event).

How are "featured events" selected?

Certain events may merit added visibility by being displayed as either a spotlighted event banner or in the featured event slider. In general, featured events meet more than one of the following criteria:

  • are of broad general interest with a large number of attendees expected
  • present a special topic or program of unique interest
  • may be attended for free or at minimal cost
  • are accompanied by a strong image or graphic

To have your event considered, email

What is an event administrator?

Any student or faculty/staff member who manages a large number of events for a group, office or department may be eligible for event administrator status. This user level designation requires additional training, which, once complete, will allow:

  • uploading events in bulk
  • publishing events without review
  • editing events on the calendar
  • accessing the calendar’s “administrator view” 

How do I become an event administrator?

Request event administrator permission and training details at

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