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Management and Leadership

Do you enjoy motivating others, finding creative solutions, and strategizing for success? You sound like management material.

a future leader raises her hand in a Neeley classroom

Business is about people. And people need managers with a leadership mindset for success. The best managers excel at decision making, finding common ground, building on strengths, negotiation, communication, team building, adaptability, flexibility and strategic planning. With a major in managing people and organizations, you’ll explore, learn and practice the range of skills employed by today’s most respected, successful, ethical leaders.

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Sample Courses

  • Leader Development
  • Managing People and Human Resources
  • Team Dynamics
  • Organizational Research & Consulting
  • Principles of Negotiation
  • Leading a Diverse Workforce
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Special Admission Requirements

TCU’s Neeley School of Business recently changed its admission requirements and is now direct admission. Explore BBA Admission Requirements for the Neeley School of Business.

Our Faculty

Our faculty members will engage you in meaningful dialogue, critical thinking and ethical decision making. They bring to the classroom a wealth of leadership and management experience and research. They rank highly for mentorship, academic experience and teaching quality. They are renowned and respected experts who are frequently called upon for insights into current news stories.

What Sets Us Apart

BNSF Neeley Leadership Program - What does it take to be a leader? By the end of this three-year program, you'll not only know the answer, you'll live it. You'll reflect, learn, practice and grow to your fullest potential, ready to influence and lead change in all aspects of your career and life.

Career Prospects

You can take this major anywhere. A degree in Management and Leadership will prepare you for a variety of job opportunities in just about any type of occupation: management training programs, talent management, consulting, production, international and small business, health care, government agencies, financial institutions, telecommunications, hospitality, education and more.