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Geographers look at the world’s physical patterns, explaining the evolution of people, places and environments.

A student studies a map projected on a large screen in a classroom.
Combining social and physical sciences, geography is the study of places. You’ll use a multidisciplinary approach to look for solutions to real-world problems.

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Sample Courses

  • Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Urban Geography
  • Economic Geography
  • Sports, Geography and Society
  • Environment and Society
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Special Admission Requirements

There are no special admissions requirements for this program.

What Sets Us Apart

Our partnership with the Center for Urban Studies provides you with opportunities for real-world applications of knowledge and problem solving that can help impact your local community.

Career Prospects

The study of geography opens the door to real-world solutions for everything from urban planning challenges to agriculture production. Our graduates go on to careers such as:

  • Cartography
  • Policy Analysis
  • GIS Engineering
  • Urban Development
  • Research
  • Real Estate
  • Urban Planning

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