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Better understand the human condition by exploring aspects of society like religion, politics, technology and popular culture.

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Want to change the world? Start here. You’ll consider realistic solutions to issues facing our society and gain new understanding and perspective when you examine the problems today’s populations face.

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Sample Courses

  • Popular Culture
  • Human-Animal Relationships
  • Conformity and Rebellion
  • Gender Politics: International Perspectives
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Special Admission Requirements

There are no special admissions requirements for this program.

What Sets Us Apart

Sociology is the study of people and society. In our department, we pair theory with real-world applications so that you’ll graduate with an enlightened awareness and the ideation and critical thinking skills to help you succeed in any career.

Career Prospects

Sociology is a strong match for many career settings. TCU’s applied sociology course will help you navigate your wide-open career possibilities.

TCU sociology majors pursue careers in public, private and post-graduate sectors in government, industry and university settings. Students completing a traditional major have pursued careers in sales, personnel work, public relations and a variety of managerial positions.