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Faculty Accommodation Notification

Starting July 2020, notification of accommodation will be sent to faculty via email to their TCU email account. Students will also be emailed a copy of their letter of accommodation in order to better facilitate interaction with their faculty. We will no longer be using paper based letters of accommodation.

Both faculty and the student have shared responsibility for discussing the accommodations. Students are still required to reach out to faculty to discuss their accommodations and their implementation.

Please keep in mind that accommodations are not retroactive and are not considered active until this communication has occurred. Our policy will continue to state that faculty be provided a minimum of one week to arrange for testing accommodations.

During this conversation, it is important to discuss each accommodation and how it will be implemented in your course. SAA professional staff are available for consultation and support if needed.

Once you have engaged with your student and completed an accommodation “plan of action,” SAA recommends that you document any arrangements made with the student via email. This allows a record for the student to reference if they have questions in the future regarding their accommodations. We will no longer be using verification forms to document accommodation arrangements.

If at any time there is a question regarding an accommodation or its implementation, please contact Student Access and Accommodation at 817-257-6567 or by email at