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Volunteer Note Taker Guidance

Student Access & Accommodation recommends the following guidelines for the implementation of the academic accommodation of a volunteer note taker. This accommodation is approved for students with disabilities who have a documented condition/s, and who are unable to take notes by traditional means.  Once the Faculty Notification Letter from Student Access and Accommodation is received and you have met with the student to discuss their accommodations, we recommend the faculty take the following steps:

  • Ask for volunteers who would be willing to share copies of their notes with you and/or the student. We would also recommend identifying a backup note taker for coverage if the note taker is absent. Once volunteers have been found, discreetly ask the student with a disability if they are comfortable engaging with the note taker to receive the notes.  If they wish to remain anonymous, the note taker can provide the notes to the instructor or Student Access and Accommodation for later pick-up. This arrangement helps to protect the confidentiality of the student.
  • Once the arrangements for the exchange of notes has been decided (either by the instructor, if the student does not wish to disclose the disability, or by the student if they are comfortable with others knowing they use a note taker) it is a good idea to ask the student receiving the notes if they are complete and legible. If not, it may be necessary to use the alternate note taker or locate another note taker. If a volunteer note taker cannot be identified, please contact Student Access & Accommodation for additional guidance.
  • For days when the student is absent, notes are not provided.
  • If you have questions or require further clarification or consultation regarding this accommodation, please contact the Student Access & Accommodation office to discuss your concerns.

 Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. Please contact the Student Access & Accommodation Office at 817-257-6567 if you have further questions.