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Student Access & Accommodation

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Disability Specialists are available to consult with faculty on matters related to student disabilities or disabilities related accommodations by contacting the office at 817-257-6567. If a student mentions any physical or mental health concern/disability to you as a faculty or staff member, please immediately refer them to Student Access & Accommodation. Faculty/staff are highly encouraged to contact Student Access & Accommodation if they have any questions regarding a student's accommodations or their implementation.

Faculty Syllabus Statement

Student Access and Accommodation: Texas Christian University affords students with disabilities reasonable accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. To be eligible for disability-related academic accommodations, students are required to register with the TCU Office of Student Access and Accommodation and have their requested accommodations evaluated. If approved for accommodations, students are required to discuss their official TCU Notification of Accommodation with their instructors.  Accommodations are not retroactive and require advance notice to implement. The Office of Student Access and Accommodation is located in The Harrison, Suite 1200. More information on how to apply for accommodations can be found at  or by calling Student Access and Accommodation at (817) 257-6567.

Audio Recording Notification

Audio recordings of class lectures may be permitted by the instructor or as an approved disability accommodation through Student Access and Accommodation. Recordings are not to be shared with other students, posted to any online forum, or otherwise disseminated.

Things to Remember:

  • Faculty are required to include the University approved statement for disabilities in their course syllabus.
  • Students are required to provide faculty a letter of accommodation each semester that they are requesting accommodations.
  • Accommodations are not retroactive and are only considered in effect once the student has provided a letter of accommodation and spoken with the faculty member regarding the implementation of accommodations for the course.