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Text-to-Speech Reader for Exams Guidance

Text to speech (TTS), also called reading software, converts written text to audio. The accommodation serves various purposes, depending on the needs of the student.  It enables students to listen to their exams instead of, or in addition to, reading the material visually, while increasing comprehension and decreasing time spent reading during exams.

TTS technology is the screen reader functionality available through a device’s operating system, to include Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat. TTS is also available through TCU's online platform through the ReadSpeaker feature. 

If the student is approved for text-to-speech (read-aloud) for exams/quizzes and discloses that they would like to utilize this accommodation in your class, please review the following steps:

If the exam/quiz is built into D2L:

  • If possible, it is recommended for students to utilize the testing center. Please see the following link for assistance reserving a timeslot for students: Office of the Provost | Centralized Accommodated Testing Spaces (
  • If the quiz/exam is on D2L, the student can use the built-in Read Speaker feature to read each question aloud. The testing center is equipped with headphones that you can reserve when setting up the reservation time with the testing center.
  • The Koehler Center is the best resource to assist with D2L setup/use of the Read Speaker function. Phone: (817) 257-7434. Email:

If the exam/quiz is paper-based and not built into D2L:

  • The student will utilize technology to use the built-in read-aloud function (e.g., Word Document or Adobe PDF). Alternatively, professors have the option to locate a private space and administer the questions via a human reader.
  • Save a digital copy of the exam/quiz to a blank flash drive in your preferred format (i.e., Word Document or Adobe PDF).
  • For test integrity, the student will need access to a word processor/laptop (without access to the internet) to utilize the flash drive. Laptops are available at the testing center and can be reserved for the exam/quiz. Headphones must also be reserved to listen to the exam/quiz.
  • The student will open the digital format exam/quiz using the flash drive and utilize the built-in read-aloud function. It is also recommended to provide the student with a printed copy of the exam to circle and/or write their answers for grading purposes.

If you have questions regarding this accommodation, please contact Student Access & Accommodation at 817-257-6567 or