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Student Access & Accommodation

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Rights & Responsibilities

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Students Have the Right To:

  • Expect all disability-related information to be treated confidentially in accordance with University  policy.
  • Receive appropriate accommodations in a timely manner from faculty or Student Access & Accommodation.
  • Have the opportunity to meet individually with faculty to discuss their approved accommodations or other accommodation related concerns.
  • Appeal decisions regarding accommodations.
  • Advocate for their disability related needs and accommodations.

Students Have the Responsibility To:

  • Be qualified for their academic program and meet all technical standards as outlined by their program of study.
  • Self- identify and provide Student Access & Accommodation with appropriate documentation of their disability that meets the university's official documentation guidelines.
  • Contact Student Access & Accommodation early in the academic term for which they are seeking accommodations.
  • Meet with their instructor during  office hours or make an appointment to discuss and implement a plan of action regarding the student’s accommodations. Once a student has received accommodations it is their responsibility to promptly discuss their accommodations and to confer with faculty members.
  • Follow procedures with faculty and Student Access & Accommodation in order to put appropriate accommodations in place.
  • Notify faculty/SAA immediately when an accommodation is not being provided.
  • Participate fully in the interactive process of accommodations. You must advocate for yourself!
  • Adhere to TCU’s standards of conduct and maintain a proper relationship with individuals who are providing accommodations, including Student Access & Accommodation staff.