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Military Science

Invest in yourself—with a challenging, rewarding journey for personal and professional growth.

ROTC maneuvers in the woods

The Army ROTC program at TCU is both challenging and rewarding. If you elect to try ROTC, you can do so without any obligation during your first and sophomore years. Even if you don’t complete the program, you gain valuable leadership skills desired of most employers. Those who do continue graduate and commission as a Second Lieutenant in the U. S. Army.

TCU Army ROTC cadets major in various fields of study. When you supplement your major with military science, you’ll develop confidence and self-esteem, plus leadership and life skills to succeed in college and beyond.

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Programs Offered

Sample Courses

  • Basic Leadership
  • Special Topics in Military Science
  • Advanced Leadership
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Special Admission Requirements

Please see the program page for admission requirements.

What Sets Us Apart

At TCU, you’ll gain practical leadership experience and develop the honorable characteristics desired in tomorrow’s leaders, on a spirited, beautiful campus that provides a well-rounded liberal arts education.

Career Prospects

As an Army ROTC graduate, you’ll have security in knowing that you have a career in the U. S. Army, serving either on Active Duty, in the Army Reserve, or National Guard. Those selected for Active Duty have guaranteed employment after graduation and those serving in the Reserve Component have confidence in knowing they have the leadership skills necessary to succeed in any industry.