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Whether you want an escape to Paris or an international career, French could be your passport to the world.

Students in Paris
Learning French opens the door to many countries in the world such as Canada, Belgium, Senegal, Cameroon and many others.

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Programs Offered

Sample Courses

  • First Semester College French
  • French Culture and Civilization
  • French Literature in Translation
  • Introduction to French Cinema
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Special Admission Requirements

There are no special admissions requirements for this program.

What Sets Us Apart

The French program at TCU is more than just learning a language–it’s learning a culture. As a French student, you’ll learn etiquette and cultural norms that will help you become fully immersed in the rich and vibrant world of French-speaking countries.

TCU offers a student housing option called Language House with programs in French, German, and Chinese, where students can live together and speak the language daily. This helps students gain fluency and comprehension more quickly than is normally possible in the classroom setting.

Career Prospects

French makes you more competitive in the global job marketing in fields such as military, aeronautics, medicine, teaching, travel, business, diplomacy and trade.